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Review Date: Feb 10, 2008

Ruger 10 22 .22 rifle

Reviewer: fred martin

Recommended: no

OK, I'm an old guy that wants to get back into plinking and so I bought this Ruger 10/22 at Walmart. It is the SS model with a 22 inch barrel. In ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 30, 2007

Ruger MK 3 hunter .22 pistol

Reviewer: John Wingate

Recommended: Absolutely

I have 2 SIG/Hammerli Trailside pistols, a Browning Buckmark and a S & W 22A pistol. I recently bought a Ruger MK3 Hunter. I have to say that it is ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 7, 2007

ruger Deerfield Carbine

Reviewer: Dan Mc.

Recommended: highly

I have owned this rifle for 4 years, and it has been a pleasure. I was looking for a gun to replace the slug gun that would have good knock down ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Mar 29, 2007

Ruger MK11 .338 WinMag

Reviewer: Joe

Recommended: Yes

If a person were in the market for a rifle, especially in the caliber's of .338 WM and up. You can't beat the price and quality of the Ruger MK11. ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Nov 26, 2006

Ruger 22 45 Auto .22 Pistol

Reviewer: Jeremy

Recommended: No

The reason I wouldn't recommend this gun is that I have had big problems with failure to eject with lead bullets. I have to use copper jacketed ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jan 17, 2006

Ruger Ruger 77 17 Bolt Action Rifle

Reviewer: Robert Grigsby

Recommended: yes

My 77/17 shot horrible! 3" to 4" groups at 100 yards. But the gun is one of the best looking and handling 17's out there. All you have to do ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Aug 1, 2005

Ruger M77 Mark2 Bolt Action Rifle

Reviewer: Sean White

Recommended: most definately

I bought this rifle approx. 4 months ago. It is in .243 cal. I reloaded my own ammo for it and was VERY pleased with the results: 6 shots 1/2" ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Nov 29, 2004

Ruger M77 MarkII All Weather 300 wsm Rifle

Reviewer: Cory Cranford

Recommended: Yes

This Gun Killed A Whitetail deer at 475 yards with no problem. We went looking for the deer and found no blood because the deer was shot in a cutover ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 26, 2004

Ruger 77 17 rifle

Reviewer: Gary Champagne II

Recommended: definently

The 17hmr is an awesome cartridge and if you are a skilled shooter you can consistently take game such as nutria,squirrels,coons ,and rabbits at ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jan 6, 2004

ruger mini 30 Rifle

Reviewer: Ian M. Jones

Recommended: Yes

Bought for culling ferril goats. Good Bits. Worked every time, cheap to run. Accurate to 200 yards, if you are carefull.Easy maintanence, very ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Dec 20, 2003

ruger m77 .17hmr rifle

Reviewer: phil porter

Recommended: yes

excellent, 1/2 inch groups @ 100yds. extreamley flat trajectory, nice crisp shooting on anything up to the size of a fox. one hell of a ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 3, 2003

ruger mini 14 rifle

Reviewer: matt jensen

Recommended: hell yeah

cheaper than a ar-15, shoots a lot better. If your looking for a 223, dont get a ar-15. my homeboys dpms jams all the time, strait out the box, ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Mar 12, 2003

Ruger PC4 Carbine

Reviewer: erik7x57

Recommended: Absolutely!!

I mounted a laser sight on this handy little carbine, and after anchoring the sight down well enough (through trial and error), I had 5 shots ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jan 24, 2003

Ruger mini 14 Rifle

Reviewer: David

Recommended: Yes

This is a wonderful alternative to the expensive ar-15. My mini 14 has preformed flawless in preformance and reliabilaty. Even more reliable than my ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jan 4, 2003

Ruger No 1 H Tropical Rifle

Reviewer: Mike Kersten

Recommended: Yes

.475 Winchester Magnum ! It will do 2" groups at 100 yds with my loads if you grit your teeth hard enough. 350 Gr.Round noses have less recoil ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Dec 24, 2002

Ruger Mini 30 All Weather rifle

Reviewer: Carl Swanson

Recommended: Recommend

I purchased this rifle in late winter of 2001. I have about 1,900 rounds through it. I have used it in all kinds of weather and in all seasons. It is ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Dec 15, 2002

Ruger M77 Rifle

Reviewer: Don Davis

Recommended: Yes

Within the family, there are three Ruger M77 rifles, in different calibers: .22-250, .25-06, and .243. My .243 has more blood on it than the ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Feb 14, 2002

Ruger Super Redhawk PISTOL

Reviewer: Bill Hughes

Recommended: yes

Ruger continues to build one of the best revolvers around. This gun feel sturdy and shoots extremely accurate. With open sites it aquires quickly, ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Nov 11, 2001

Ruger Deerfield (99 44) Carbine

Reviewer: Carl Swanson

Recommended: yes

Good Points:Accurate, capable of about 2-3 inches at 100 yards.Handles well.Scope mounts allow removal of scope with subsequent installation on rifle ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jun 17, 2000

Ruger 10 22 .22 rifle

Reviewer: J.T.

Recommended: yes

This is one of the best 10/22's that is on the market right now, the have excelent accuracy. they are easy to clean and to operate. In my opinion ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 29, 2000

RUGER 77 22Mag S.S. Rifle

Reviewer: Roland BERNIER

Recommended: Yes, without a doubt.

I purchased this rifle mostly to use during the fall big game hunting season so I can legally keep on hunting coyotes and foxes, only rimfire are ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 15, 2000

Ruger Red Lable Shotgun

Reviewer: Dan

Recommended: Yes

This is a great over under shot gun for the poor man that can't aford the big dallor ones on the market today I have a 20gage and a 12gage an would ... READ REVIEW

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