Ruger 10 22 .22 rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Feb 10, 2008

Product Information

Manufacturer: Ruger

Model: 10 22

Product Type: .22 rifle

Purchase Price: $240

Testing Information

Time Tested: 2 months

Testing Conditions: sunny

Temperature Range: 70

Testing Terrain: flat desert

Testing State: Arizona

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: fred martin

Recommended: no

OK, I'm an old guy that wants to get back into plinking and so I bought this Ruger 10/22 at Walmart. It is the SS model with a 22 inch barrel. In short, it is a fad inspired pos. It is a very low quality and built of plastic and pot metal. Barrel is not threaded into the receiver but clamped to the receiver because you can't thread pot metal. The sights are pretty much useless. The trigger is a real a real work of art. Think about this...why are there so many after market parts being sold for this rifle? The answer is're going to need them to shoot well. I wish I would have read this prior to my purchase. you know.

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