Saskatchewan Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

Submit Date: Nov 26, 1999

Outfitter Review: Dahl Creek Outfitter's - Saskatchewan

Outfitter / Owner: Arnold Holmes

Hunter: Bill Hale

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Success for our week was 8 out of 11 hunters. 2 of the 3 unsuccessful hunters could have killed nice deer but were looking for B&C class bucks.2 eight points3 ten points2 twelve points1 huge 14 pointThe 14 point was 163 gross B&CThe 12 points were both 151-155 gross B&C

Submit Date: Oct 12, 1999

Outfitter Review: G & S Marina Outfitters - Saskatchewan

Outfitter / Owner: Robert Schulz

Hunter: Lonnie Peschiera

Animals Hunted: Goose, Duck, Crane, Fish

This was our first trip to canada, the first two days we experienced weather that was too nice but we still made birds. The last day we finally got the overcast and wind we were hoping for and the shooting was fantastic. We hunted over rags (mostly) in the morning and pass shot geese in the afternoon. Our final count for four hunters was 81 geese, 20 ducks, 5 cranes. We were supposed to hunt upland birds in the afternoon but the Canadian DNR had recently closed the area around Last Mountain Lake to hunting upland birds by non-residents. The guides still kept us very busy, they were very professional but at the same time made us feel like we were hunting with our friends. We could have shot alot more birds but were a little unsure of local customs such as the first morning we had flock after flock of ducks coming into the spread but with thousands of geese heading our way we didn't want to scare off the geese. Our guide set us straight and it was a great shoot even with the bluebird weather. We also cleaned our own birds after the first morning shoot but it was quickly apparent that we were going to have to use the bird cleaning services. As the outfitter put it "Did you come to hunt or clean birds?". It actually worked out to our benefit coming back because each bird was individually wrapped and marked which made clearance through customs a breeze. I could go on but if you have any questions feel free to send a e-mail. I've been waterfowling for 30 years and this was definitely the hunt of a lifetime for us.

Submit Date: Oct 5, 1999

Outfitter Review: King Buck Safaris - Saskatchewan

Outfitter / Owner: Larry Leschyshyn

Hunter: Mark Kuchynski

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

First time hunting with King Buck Safaris, saw bears every evening. All color phases seen except blonde. Larry runs a first class operation and works his butt off to get hunters into remote areas that hold the biggest bears. Personally saw at least two 500 lb + bears, one black, one chocolate. Did take a respectable brown on last evening of hunting.

Submit Date: Jul 9, 1999

Outfitter Review: Mann Lake Outfitters - Saskatchewan

Outfitter / Owner: Larry Stout

Hunter: Carl Crocker

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Mr. Stout runs a good honest outfit, he gives you a good hunt for a fair price. The food is great, he know his business and does his best to get you your game. Larry really like to hunt big bears and knows his business. He has a dry sense of humor but sees to it that you have a good time. The accomodations are better than you could ask for in a hunting camp. I've been on over 25 guided bear hunts and Mr. Stout definately has a good operation.

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