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The Web Foots Body Sock (I tested out Style 2) is a one-piece, high-performance thermal undergarment. It's the most impressive "long underwear" I've ever used. It is constructed from state-of-the-art, cold-weather fleece textile that is soft and fleecy on the inside, smooth on the outside and stretches in all directions comfortably. The outer surface is smooth so that other clothing can be layered over it without bunching or binding. It is hydrophobic so it wicks moisture from the skin while repelling surface moisture. It is also antimicrobial, which means it resists normal skin bacteria so you will not have body odor when wearing the suit and it will not absorb odors as will other organic fabrics.

I wore this suit at least 100 times throughout the fall/winter of 2002/2003, hunting deer and waterfowl mostly. Some of that time was in some pretty cold, extreme weather conditions. I was extremely impressed with the Body Sock. I've always been a fan of the "Union Suit" style of thermal underwear as opposed to a top and a bottom, as it's just more comfortable for me. The Body Sock was so comfortable on my body that most of my other thermal underwear was completely neglected this winter. It's very, very soft on the inside and couldn't be any more comfortable against your skin. I found that it stretches very comfortably and does not bind or restrict movement at all. Being as stretchy as it is, I was skeptical about how tough it would be, but I can say I have no more doubts about that, and that it is the toughest thermal underwear I've ever had, from cotton to polypropylene and other blends, etc.

It was very warm but was also very good at wicking moisture away from the skin when I worked up a sweat.

I was a little skeptical about the "antimicrobial" nature of the fabric really helping to stave off body odor, but it really does act that way. I'm not saying you shouldn't wash it every now and then, but I'd say it picks up less than a tenth of the scent that normal cotton thermal underwear does. And for hunters who spend days in the woods without taking a shower, that's a very valuable quality for thermal underwear to have.

A few more great features of the Body Sock are that it's machine washable, and it dries FAST. Just hanging it to dry inside the house (not even in the sun), it generally took only an hour or so for it to be completely dry.

The designers of the Body Sock also had practical "function" in mind when making it, and that is something that unfortunately is lacking among many products for hunters these days. The Body Sock has stirrup feet and thumbholes for easy dressing and layering without your clothes bunching or riding up on you. It also has a zippered rear flap and 2-way front zippers for ease of making a "call of nature" when you're in the woods, so that you can stay warm while doing so.

Overall, I'd have to say this is one of the best products for hunters that we reviewed this fall, and we recommend it highly.


Tough, soft, warm, comfortable, stretchy, washable, functional and practical



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