Vermont Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

Submit Date: May 6, 2010

Outfitter Review: Peaceable Hill - Vermont

Outfitter / Owner: Glenn and Judy Symon

Hunter: Patrick Firliet

Animals Hunted: Pheasant

Peaceable Hill is a pheasant hunting operation in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. I've hunted in Nebraska several times and honestly the cover and terrain here is very similar. They have open fields, food plots and natural upland cover. They raise and release their own birds and we've hunted here several times over the past few years and have always had a great hunt. I live in Vermont so I do not stay over, but there are B&B's close by or hotels in Rutland about an hour away. I have always hired a guide because I do not have a dog, but you can bring your own dogs and hunt unguided. I had a guide (Steve) who has pointing dogs and it was fantastic. They have three different farms and hunt hundreds of acres so it's not crowded at all and there are lots of birds. This year we did a hunt in October 2009 and in March this year. The fall had more birds around I guess because the daily releases are more, but we found plenty of birds in March too.I intend to go back again this fall. Glenn and Judy are great people who make things right as they say and the guides and dogs they provide are first class all the way.

Submit Date: Apr 3, 2007

Outfitter Review: TundraTour Consultants - Vermont

Outfitter / Owner: Glenn Dunning

Hunter: Steve Davis

Animals Hunted: WhiteTail Deer

I booked my Illinois/Indiana Hunt with MidWest Bucks through TundraTour because I didnt want to be on one of those "Horrible Hunt's" that I read about on this site. Midwest Bucks guided us for 4 days in Illinois Bow then 20 miles away we Gun hunted in Indiana for opening day.Best hunting Deal around!!! I shot a 135" Deer in Illinois then the next Day a 152" ten point 225lb's in Indiana. 5 guys in Camp and we took home 6 Deer--- 4 Bucks 2 Does.Call Glenn for a "Worry Free" Hunt anywhere in the World.

Submit Date: Sep 24, 2006

Outfitter Review: Wild Hill Preserve - VT

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Richter

Hunter: J. Feller

Animals Hunted: Boar

Went up to hunt Boar. Although this is a preserve, you would never know it. Over 2000 acres, and usually there isn't a fence in sight. Was posted in the morning, and within 2 hours saw 2 decent size boars. Due to heavy shrubs, unable to get a shot. Stayed on stand till 12:30, and was picked up for lunch. After lunch, they decided to use the dogs, and then the fun began. This was the first yime I hunted over dogs, and I can't tell you how much fun it was.End of story, at about 4:30 I dropped a decent animal at about 20 yards.The place is full of Stags, Buffalo, Sika, 4 kinds of Sheep. and other stuff too numerous to list.Great place to hunt.

Submit Date: Jan 27, 2006

Outfitter Review: Peaceable Hill - Vermont

Outfitter / Owner: Glenn Symon

Hunter: Patrick Firliet

Animals Hunted: Ringneck Pheasant

This is a managed hunting farm with very good year-round bird cover. I have hunted there several times and always had plenty of action. Usually we have had more bird flushes than expected. They raise their own pheasants and we have always had birds that are strong fliers.You do need a dog to effectively hunt there. Guides with pointing or flushing dogs are available for an extra fee($45?). The farm is quite large and the birds are all over so there is quite a bit of walking involved. They also have a nice warming hut and serve coffee and snacks before and after the hunts.

Submit Date: Oct 31, 2004

Outfitter Review: Wild Hill Preserve - VT

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Richter

Hunter: Jay Feller

Animals Hunted: Wild Boar

I went on this hunt to try for Wild Boar, and Mouflon Ram. Although there were numerous boars on the property, I was told that there were no Mouflons to be hunted. I took a boar, but I feel that I should have been notified before I arrived that there were no rams available. One group of four hunters drove 5 hours to get there, and then found out that there was no horned game for them to hunt. They stayed the night, and left in the morning, losing their deposit. If you are going to hunt Wild Hill, call before you leave home to make sure that they have what you want.

Submit Date: Jun 29, 1999

Outfitter Review: Scott Walker Guiding - Vermont

Outfitter / Owner: Scott Walker

Hunter: Brad Shepard

Animals Hunted: Turkey

I booked Scott for the first 3 days of Vermont's turkey season. Had both my birds within 3 hours the first day. Scott was an excellent guide and spent time teaching me about turkey hunting rather than just doing the calling. I came away with what I needed to know about handling birds and this resulted in me calling in and taking 2 nice longbeards back home in Connecticut.. I highly recommend him..

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