Treetalker Turkey Call



At the beginning of each Turkey call review I do, I'm going to make the following disclaimer: I understand that how much one likes a particular Turkey call may be a very subjective thing - what I aim to do in this review is to tell how I liked or disliked the call.

The Treetalker is a sweet little friction call. It's a small wood "disk" - only about 2.5" in diameter by 1/2" thick. This call is meant for making small, sweet, "waking-up" turkey talk in a quiet, "subdued" tone and it succeeds wonderfully in that. In a situation where you're hunting blind and are not really sure approximately where the turkeys are going to be roosted, it's practical use is less because it is so quiet. But, if you know about where those turkeys are roosted and can set up close enough to them to make some soft sounds they'll be able to hear, this call is awesome. It yelps and purrs beautifully. I tried to duplicate the softness and subtlety of the Treetalker's sounds on some of my other calls and while I could make soft sounds, I couldn't get the same tone quality of the sounds as with the Treetalker. With a little effort, you can ramp up the volume a bit, and could use it with no problem as a "close-in" call even after turkeys are on the ground.

When not in use, the striker is stored by sticking it through the small hole in the center of the disk, making for quiet packing and transport.

Each Treetalker is custom made by hand, and is signed, numbered, and has a small turkey scene painted on it.

One note - keep chalk with you, because you will need to apply it frequently.


Small, sturdy, sounds great



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