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Review Date: Dec 28, 2008

BSA catseye Scope

Reviewer: Chuck

Recommended: Yes, definitely

I own several brands of scopes,i.e. Bushnell.Nikon. I decided to put the BSA Catseye on my TC Omega muzzleoader and never regretted it. It takes ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 26, 2006

Bushnell elite 4200 scope

Reviewer: James

Recommended: Yes!

This scope is the best scope I have ever owned. The image is crisp even in the rain or snow. It handles recoil no problem. This scope is on a 300 win ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jan 6, 2006

Mueller 3 9X40 IGR Scope

Reviewer: Regan L Crowder

Recommended: Not sure at this point

The first time I shot the Mueller scope, I was extremely impressed. Light pick up was great, target clarity was awesome, and I was grouping 1/4 inch ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 9, 2004

zeiss conquest Scope

Reviewer: Keith Whatley

Recommended: YES

I traded in my Leupold for a Zeiss. I could tell the quality of the optics instantly. I have mostly benchtested so far this year, but i have very ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 24, 2004

unknown SS10x42 Scope

Reviewer: cory harrison

Recommended: HIGHLY!!!!!

This scope was formerly made under Tasco's name by a company in Japan, which is undisclosed, and is NOT hakko by the way. and SWFA now own the rights ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 24, 2004

Leupold VXIII 4.5 14x40 A O Scope

Reviewer: cory harrison

Recommended: Highly

Bought this scope and put it on top of my 700 lss in 300 RUM, and it has killed everything from woodchucks to deer out to 600 yards. Its very clear, ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 24, 2004

BSA Contender 6 24x50 Scope

Reviewer: Cory Harrison

Recommended: NO!

This is an update on the scope review i did a while ago that is on here. the reticle shaterred. the only thing a BSA is good for is a tool for turn ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Nov 1, 2003

Bushnell Elite 4200 Scope

Reviewer: Brent

Recommended: Yes

I honestly recommend this product.It is a very clear scope and when you put it up to your eye,it's always ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 16, 2003

Burris 3x9 40 Ballistic Plex Scope

Reviewer: Kevin Kirksmith

Recommended: Yes

I put this scope on a Remington 700 Sendero 25-06. The optics on Burris scopes are, in my opinion, better than any other American-made scope and ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 10, 2003

BSA Cats eye 3.5 10x50 illum reticle Scope

Reviewer: jeff peoples

Recommended: yes

I switch from a Vari-XI to this and it worked for my .338 win mag and can with stand the shock of the recoil and the rough terrain and never once ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 24, 2002

Bushnell 4 16x50 Trophy Scope

Reviewer: Walter

Recommended: yes

For the money, this scope has kept its zero, and provides clear optics. It is not as clear as my Leupold, but does just fine for the price. Great ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Sep 23, 2002

Shephard Shepard p10e Scope

Reviewer: MrJHarmon

Recommended: Yes

After much deliberation on rangefinding scopes I decided on the Shepard over others like Springfield and mildots buy burris and leupold. I have been ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Sep 3, 2002

ATN 8 24x75 scope

Reviewer: Eric Cline

Recommended: no

I got what I paid for. Very good light gathering as you would expect, but I could not get it to zero in the shop or at the range. It does not have a ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 6, 2002

Springfield Armory 6x20 Government Model scope

Reviewer: Ted de Looze

Recommended: ?

On the first scope, after approx. 100 shots the zero would not hold. The reticle had broken loose and swung sideways. In the replacement, the ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Mar 27, 2000

Springfield Armory Generation III Scope

Reviewer: Tracy Krznar

Recommended: See Comments

While the optical quality of this 4 x 16 variable power scope are excellent, quality was poor. The scope had the best light gathering of any I have ... READ REVIEW

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