Sassy Hen Turkey Call



At the beginning of each Turkey call review I do, I'm going to make the following disclaimer: I understand that how much one likes a particular Turkey call may be a very subjective thing - what I aim to do in this review is to tell how I liked or disliked the call.

The Boyer's Sassy Hen is a Glass friction call. I wasn't very impressed by the tone quality of the sounds it produced. They seemed to me kind of "flat" and not very rich like some other calls of this style that I tested. It makes a decent sounding purr, but I personally didn't like the yelp or cutt sounds it produced. Construction is sturdy, no issues there. It did require a lot and frequent conditioning with a piece of sandpaper, though, to keep it working well. It required a lot more and frequent conditioning than similiar calls I tested from other manufacturers. Also, the literature that comes with the call says it is waterproof. I'm not sure what they mean by waterproof, because on several mornings that had a "heavy" air about them, this call became a "silent" call for me - in other words, it basically stopped working. I'm not talking about rain, I'm just talking about a "wet" morning air.

The Sassy Hen won't be going to the woods with me in future turkey seasons, too much upkeep for the quality of sounds it produces. I've got other calls that require less maintenance and conditioning and sound twice as nice.


Sturdy construction, decent purrs


Sound quality, high maintenance/conditioning

POST-SCRIPT: When we say that we tested these calls, we mean that we TESTED them, in the field. To see the Spring, 2003 Field results of our testing of various turkey calls, click on the following link:

Spring 2003 Turkey Testing

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