Princeton Tec Tec 40 Flashlight

Princeton Tec Tec 40 Flashlight



According to the manufacturer, the Tec 40 "provides the highest power-to-weight ratio of any light in its class". I haven't personally tested all the lights in it's class, but of the ones I have tested, it is by far the brightest. It is a good deal brighter than some of my flashlights that are twice or three times it's size. Like the other Princeton Tec lights that I've tested out, I was extremely impressed with this one. It's very compact, the body is slender all the way out to the bulb, it's relatively light in weight, and it is very, very bright. It's also extremely simple to operate, easy to turn on and off, and easy to change batteries in the dark. What more can I say about it? It's a fantastic flashlight that is now my favorite hand-held light for use in the woods. The model pictured is orange, but they make it in several different colors. Mine is olive drab.

The Tec 40 is closest to the Predator Pro made by Princeton Tec, in terms of light power. The main difference is that the Predator Pro is a focused wide beam, whereas the Tec 40 is a focused narrow beam. Also like the Predator Pro, the Tec 40 uses batteries somewhat quickly, but it's worth the trade-off in my opinion.

I recommend the Tec 40 flashlight highly to all hunters.


Sturdy, easy operation, BRIGHT


Uses batteries somewhat quickly

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