Primos Power Crow Call

Primos Power Crow Call



Wow, is the Power Crow call LOUD. I like it. It's an awesome locator call for turkey hunting. Primos claims this is the loudest crow call available, and I'm inclined to believe them. It hurts my ears even when I'm not blowing as hard as I can. If I could only carry one locator call, it would be a toss-up between this one and my coyote howler. I have had a bunch of birds gobble to the Power Crow that wouldn't gobble at anything else, whether it be locator call or turkey call. It makes a variety of crow sounds perfectly and with ease.

The Primos Power Crow always goes to the turkey woods with me.


Large variety of crow sounds, LOUD



POST-SCRIPT: When we say that we tested these calls, we mean that we TESTED them, in the field.

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