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Outfitter Name: Keys Guide & Outfitting, LLC (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Keys Guide & Outfitting, LLC - Clifton CO

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: DIY

Days Hunted: 7

Animals Hunted: not specified

Terrain Hunted: Mountain

Method of Take: Bow

Price Range: 1000-1999

Review Information:

Title: Keys Guide & Outfitter

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Outfitter Response: I have been in the hunting business for 25 years in Colorado and have been directly responsible for over 200 elk harvests. In this time Mr. Mills is the only person to accuse me of "ripping them off". Mr. Mills and 2 of his partners in his hunting show did contract a Trespass fee hunt with us for a week during archery season this year. He and his partners all signed contracts stating that they were getting a DIY hunt. The contract clearly stated that they were paying for a 1000 acre lease that adjoined public land. No other services were contracted. At no time did I tell them that the property that they were hunting was land locked. I did show them and explain how they or other hunters could access the public public land that is adjacent to our lease. About 1 week before Mr. Mills and his group were to arrive he called and asked if one of the party could arrive early and start hunting prior to the contracted date. I agreed to the change and did 2 orientations instead of 1 as contracted. At no extra charge. Mr. Mills and the other hunter in the party arrived on the contracted date and hunted that evening which was a Saturday and hunted through Wednesday morning. This is 4 days of hunting not 5 as Mr. Mills incorrectly states. During that time Mr. Mills and I spoke by phone 2 times. On both occasions he stated that they were not seeing or hearing any elk. When I asked, he stated that they were seeing tracks. Because they were seeing fresh elk tracks on the lease I recommended that they continue hunting in the area that they were seeing the tracks. It was obvious that he was displeased with my suggestion of continuing to hunt in that area. I explained to him that due to the weather conditions that we were experiencing at that time (High winds 40+mph, high daytime temps 70 degrees+ and thunderstorms) that the elk were probably moving at night. On Thursday after the party had left I checked the property and found fresh elk sign (tracks, beds and scat). Most hunters would agree that if there are fresh tracks, the elk are around. Mr. Mills review is mostly wrong and not true.While the success of their hunt was poor.I did not rip anyone off.I did provided services more than the contract stated.Mr. Mills was trying to film a hunt for his TV show and gave up early. The only person he should be blaming is himself for a poor attitude, quitting early and not listening to or following my advise.Elk hunting is a difficult game and it doesn't always happen like you see on TV. I am truly sorry that hunting property did not meet their expectations. Had they hunted the full time and followed our advise and still been unsuccessful I would have made things right with a future free or discounted hunt.Joe KeysKeys Guide & Outfitting, LLC

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