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Outfitter Name: Samuelson Outfitters (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Samuelson Outfitters - Fraser CO

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Drop Camp

Days Hunted: 5

Animals Hunted: Elk

Terrain Hunted: Mountain

Method of Take: Rifle

Price Range: 1000-1999

Review Information:

Title: Samuelson Outfitters - Stay Away

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Outfitter Response: I appreciate that Mr. Herber expressed his complaints about our service provided.As a 46 year, 2nd generation family outfitting business, my husband and I know that we cannot please everyone. The Herber group, of three, was a pack service, not a drop camp. we provide this service to those clients who have all their own gear, but not the means to get in and out of a non-motorized pristine area.Per our contract, which the Herber group signed, states: Cost of Services "client agrees to pay outfitter a fee of $125.00 per horse each way." Horses that they used one way included, 2 staff horses, 3 hunters and 4 pack horses.Our "Nags" are mountain trail horses of the Heinz 57 variety. We do not look for the papered, show or competitive horses. Our horses must have the ability to negotiate mountainous rocky trails, creek bottoms, side hills, etc. These horse also need to accept all levels of riding abilities, especially those who ride as a sack of potatoes. When I read the signed contract from the Herber group, I was very concerned. On the medical form, the height and weight put down, two of the men were obese. I can say this for my doctor has been monitoring my obesity.The professional rider is from Oklahoma. He might ride the flats and hills of Oklahoma very well. Mountainous terrain is a totally different type of riding. Even though we tried to put these men on our heavier draft cross horses, no wonder they kept falling down. Our U.S.F.S. officers, Grand County Search and Rescue, and the Wild-land Fire Fighter officers have all stated that there are no hand held communication devices that work well in the Troublesome Basin. We explain this to all of our prospective and new clients. If contact is needed, either walk to the main camp, or climb a ridge to try to get a signal to get cell service. Cell phones, radios and satellite phones are spotty at best.We try, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to check the outlying pack service and drop camps as often as we want. When depending on horse travel, daily there are other factors that interrupt the packers schedule.If these three men all chose to sit at their camp, waiting for a staff member to appear, that was there choice to all lose a day of hunting.Joe, our repeat pack service client of 20 plus years, did have to deal with a marauding 400# black bear. Joe was supported, by his adult son, Brian, and Brian"s friend, as he shot the bruin. They dealt with the carcass, the camp and that late afternoon walked back to the main camp to tell of their experience. Since it was dark, I offered them food and drink as they related the situation. I then instructed that they leave from their camp early the next morning and report the incident to the local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office. Yes Joe's hunt was disrupted, but he continued on for 2nd season and was successful. He has already booked and paid his deposit for his 2013 pack service.When Mr. Herber called me at home, it was already after 2:30pm on the afternoon that his group was to be packed out. He was concerned that the packers were not there yet. Since I have no means of communication with my husband, the main camp or any of the packers, all I could say to him, was to wait.Other camps were also scheduled to be packed out that day. Something must have occurred that delayed the packers to the Herber camp.Mr. Herber continued to call me several times. I could tell he was pissed, frustrated and at the point of panicking. I gave several suggestions. Leave their packed gear, for the packers, and walk out the 6-1/2 to 7 miles. Yes, due to their shape it probably would have taken 4-6 hours, not the 8-10. I also suggested that the set their tent back up and prepare to spend the night. As Mr. Herber noted, our packers did show up at 5:30pm. It did mean a 3 hour ride in the dark back to the trail head.We apologize for the "All in all a mess and a waste of time of money and a hunting season".Perhaps the Herber group would be happier at a hunting enviroment that provides motorized vehicles.Cathy and Richard Samuelson

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