Oregon Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

Submit Date: Nov 30, 2009

Outfitter Review: J and B Guide Service - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: John Sanders

Hunter: Rick W. DeMarr

Animals Hunted: Elk

Hunted for 5 days. Saw 1 calf. Heard some bugles but never saw a bull. The owner was a pretty good caller, but I also hunted with a new guide, an 18 year old kid with little experience. Great kid but a very poor caller. Would never go on this hunt again.

Submit Date: Dec 1, 2008

Outfitter Review: Spoon Creek Outfitters - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Ken Williams

Hunter: Mike Menasco

Animals Hunted: Roosevelt Elk

I hunted a LOP tag on a very small ranch, 500 acres. Kenny warned me if the weather didn't cooperate then the hunt could be pretty slow. Sure enough, the weather was way too warm and the elk never showed. Ken did a great job explaining all of this upfront and I took the chance. From what I heard everyone in the area was having the same poor luck, the elk were not coming out because of the warm weather. His guides were great. They really seemed to know the area and put in every effort for the others in camp. The others did see elk but were not able to seal the deal. One was still hunting when I left and they were closing in on a 5x5, not sure if they got it or not. Accomidations were trailers in Kens yard so we had a nice warm place to sleep and bathroom to use. Judy did great with the food.I'll be back to try again. These guys are the real deal and they also specialize in trophy Blacktail deer hunts.

Submit Date: Oct 21, 2008

Outfitter Review: Del sol outfitters - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Barry Cox

Hunter: Dan Roberts

Animals Hunted: Elk & Deer

This hunt was to be an archery drop camp in elk & deer country, On the drive in to the trailhead, we saw bear, elk, deer, and what appeared to be a terrific hunting area. The horse people were personable and competent but were not who we were in contact with through all our negotiations. We were horsebacked to above timberline to the outfitter's drop camp where we saw Nothing bigger than a pine squirrel in nine days of hunting. Phoned outfitter 3 days in a row during that time, leaving messages. He never called back...he had our money. Took a call to the local city hall to get a response.

Submit Date: Oct 15, 2007

Outfitter Review: Del Sol Wilderness Adventures - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Barry Cox

Hunter: Shaun DuBois

Animals Hunted: elk

Hunted the Eagle Capps Wilderness with this group after Hells Canyon burned do to wildfire. We considered cancelling the trip but decided not to after the owner promised to do whatever it took to put us on game. This is my review of the overall experience Packing was top notch these guys had excellant stock and did good job getting our gear to camp. The owner promised to provide saddle horses to ride to distant locations and it happened 1 day out of 7 - despite the lack of game in the areaThe owner told us we would be staying in wall tents with heaters - we stayed in dome tents and froze at night The location had not been scouted I saw a total of 10 animals in 7 days of hunting- 7 of which from a distance of 2 miles. There was also an overall lack of sign in the immediate area. We were told there were several basins nearby that we could hunt but most were over 5 miles away in rough terrain.We ended up hunting in 4 basins within 5 miles of camp. The owner told us he would provide a supplied spike camp if need be. We chose to spike out after determining there wasnt much game in the area. - we had to use the cooks tent and supplies were 4 ham sandwiches I happened to pack from camp. We had to walk in and out from the base camp to the spike camp despite horses being readily availible in the camp. Overall- was beautiful country and good company. The cook was great and the wrangler was helpful but a little preperation would have gone a long ways. If you are looking for a summer trip or family vacation these are your guys if you want to elk hunt you better keep looking. If you hunt with the outfitter insist on a contract as to what will be included and be very specific - promises made over the phone dont mean much after he recieved your $$.

Submit Date: Oct 9, 2007

Outfitter Review: Boulder Creek Outfitter - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Tim Craig

Hunter: Tom

Animals Hunted: Elk

Spent a lot of money to be flushed through a camp with 6 other guys and we only got 2 bulls or all of us. What was booked as a one on one turned into a 2 on 1 and one day a 3 on 1. His attitude sucked and had no desire to make things right. The guides were hard working young kids who made something out of nothing. They were the only good thing about this hunt. Back Country turned into an 8 hour horse back ride that we were told was 3. Put them through as fast as you can. I am sure he would rather just have the ranch hunts, charge more and drive around in the truck all day. Really did not like being his guinee pig for this area.

Submit Date: Feb 1, 2005

Outfitter Review: Field and Marsh - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Jeff Miller

Hunter: Tim Kennedy

Animals Hunted: Elk

Jeff is a bird guide and not an elk guide. Changed ranches on us at the last minute - overal hunt was terrible - ripoff

Submit Date: Dec 11, 2004

Outfitter Review: Steve's Outdoor Adventures - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Steve West

Hunter: greg and shelley sutton

Animals Hunted: any

I have booked several hunts through Steves Outdoor Adventures. Several years ago he had a few better than average hunts and one good hunt. More recently his goal has shifted to quanity of bookings and the quality has suffered greatly. Unfortunately he has slipped to scam artist level. Drunk and/or useless guides,land way over hunted the animals and land are never what is communicated. Often more money must pass just to see average game. Avoid this operation like the plague!

Submit Date: Nov 24, 2004

Outfitter Review: Steve's Outdoor Adventures - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Steve West

Hunter: Tim Kennedy

Animals Hunted: elk

changed ranch we originally booked at last moment and in 7 days saw only on group of elk - very poor communication prior to hunt

Submit Date: Feb 10, 2001

Outfitter Review: Field N' Marsh Outfitters - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Jeff Miller

Hunter: Gene Serafine

Animals Hunted: Mule Deer

This Oregon Hunt in the Rufus area was exactly as advetised. We were told we would see bucks that averaged in the 24 to 25 inch wide range. We saw bucks in that range and larger every day. Four hunters had 100% success rate. Bird hunting is also available if you are interested.

Submit Date: Dec 5, 2000

Outfitter Review: Outback Ranch Outfitters - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Jon Wick

Hunter: Gus Spooner

Animals Hunted: elk

We did a guided drop camp to save money. One guide to four hunters. We know how to camp. We needed help finding the critters. The guide did just that by getting everyone in the group a chance to shoot a branch bull elk. Not everyone got an elk but that is why they call it hunting.

Submit Date: Sep 7, 2000

Outfitter Review: Steve's Outdoor Adventures - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Steve West

Hunter: Andrew Morton

Animals Hunted: Mule Deer

My cousin & I hunted the first four days of bowseason (Aug 26-29) and had a blast. Steve put us on Mule Deer every trip afield. We had both Mule Deer & Elk in bow range every day. He also took us on a driving tour of the area around LaGrand, OR the second afternoon, which was pretty neat scenery for two Alabama boys. The best referral I can give is this...even though I did not kill a Mule Deer (my fault, not Steve's), Dayna & I are booked for the first week of bow season next year. We had a great trip, and I know you will also.Andrew

Submit Date: Nov 24, 1999

Outfitter Review: Go West Outfitters - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Shawn Jones

Hunter: Don Martin

Animals Hunted: Rocky Mountain Elk

A lack of snow made for tougher hunting. We really didn't see very many elk. 22 head in 3 days, but 7 were bulls. I harvested a beautiful 6x6 that'll score about 300. I was very pleased to say the least. Shawn's got a great ranch leased and there were all kinds of deer and antelope in the lower country. I have no problem recommending this hunt however I think it's a better opportunity for the bowhunter. I think Shawn offers a elk/deer combination bowhunt that's a heck of a deal. But for rifle hunting, a guy really needs to be in great shape if he expects to have a reasonable chance at getting an elk. Go West OutfittersShawn Jones(541) 447-4082

Submit Date: Nov 4, 1999

Outfitter Review: Outback Ranch Outfitters - OR

Outfitter / Owner: John Wick

Hunter: Keith Navidi

Animals Hunted: Elk

The guide we had, John Weinans was a tough cowboy who could climb mountains like a billy goat. Only do the Minam unit hunt with him if your in great shape. After we got a bull down, he insisted on doing almost all the work. Can't say enough good things about the guide, wrangler, horses, food and camp. We saw elk, killed one for three hunters and have a lot of good stories to tell around the campfire.

Submit Date: Sep 18, 1999

Outfitter Review: Outback Ranch Outfitters - OR

Outfitter / Owner: Jon Wick

Hunter: Terry Burns

Animals Hunted: BEAR


Submit Date: Jun 25, 1999

Outfitter Review: Odell Outfitters - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Odell

Hunter: Lonny Stewart

Animals Hunted: geese

I hunted for three days for geese and limited out two of the days. He puts out over 300 goose decoys and always was in the right field because the geese sure wanted to land with us.After the geese finally stoped flying We had a awesome lunch brought to us. After lunch we hunted wild pheasants until the geese started flying again and then the guys who did not limit in the mourning went goose hunting again.I kept right on pheasant hunting.It was a blast.

Submit Date: Jun 25, 1999

Outfitter Review: Hunters Rendezvous - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: John Cole

Hunter: P.K. Berry

Animals Hunted: Rocky Mountain Elk (cow)

Lots of animals both deer and elk. my hunt was over the first day with a very large cow elk. JOHN AND HIS CREW WERE VERY PROFESIONAL IN THE CARE AND HANDLING OF MY ELK.

Submit Date: Jun 25, 1999

Outfitter Review: OutBack Ranch Outfitters - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Jon Wick

Hunter: Johnny Hopper

Animals Hunted: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

This guy is a rip off artist. He stayed in camp and read Louis Lamour novels. Beware....do not hunt with Jon Wick or OutBack Ranch Outfitters out of Joseph, Oregon. You will be throwing your money away. Think about a large donation to your favorite charity instead.

Submit Date: Jun 25, 1999

Outfitter Review: OutBack Ranch Outfitters - Oregon

Outfitter / Owner: Jon Wick

Hunter: Les Rehklau

Animals Hunted: Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Sheep; Mule Deer

This was to be a guided hunt, the guide spent 90% of the time reading a book. Pointed us to a direction to hunt and said see ya at night. Sleep is a 2 man tent on a cold wet ground, not what was promised. Saw 2 elk 500 yards away. not much sign.

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