Lohman Mega Coyote Howler

Lohman Mega Coyote Howler



At the beginning of each Turkey call review I do, I'm going to make the following disclaimer: I understand that how much one likes a particular Turkey call may be a very subjective thing - what I aim to do in this review is to tell how I liked or disliked the call.

While on a turkey hunt in Kansas a few years ago, a clerk at a sporting goods store told me that the Coyote Howler worked really well out there to make Toms shock gobble. I was a little skeptical, but I bought one just to try it out. On that hunt, and on many hunts since, when I couldn't get a Tom to gobble to anything else, the Mega Coyote Howler did the trick. In the "early" days of using this call, there were several times when I tried my crow and owl locator calls and didn't get any response. Then, just for kicks/laughs, I broke out the Coyote Howler and did a series of calls on it, and wouldn't you know, it got those Toms to double and triple gobbling. It shocked them something serious! Ever since then, the Mega Coyote Howler has been one of my best turkey hunting tools, I take it with me everywhere. It doesn't work everywhere, but it does work in a lot of places where nothing else has worked. I highly recommend it, and it will always be in my turkey vest.

I would definitely classify this call as a "long-distance" locator call. It is incredibly loud, and really makes the coyote sounds well. Get one and try it for yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised, as I was.


Great volume, accurate coyote sounds, easy to use



POST-SCRIPT: When we say that we tested these calls, we mean that we TESTED them, in the field.

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