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Review Date: Jan 21, 2007

Mathews UltraMax Compound Bow

Reviewer: Frank

Recommended: Yes

Powerful, Fast, Compact, Great for tree ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 19, 2005

Mathews Switchback Compound Bow

Reviewer: Derek Hartzell

Recommended: Yes

Last year I finally made the jump to a Mathews after seeing my dad's for the last 10 yrs. First off, I want to say that I was always the guy that ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Aug 16, 2005

Mathews Classic Compound Bow

Reviewer: Tom

Recommended: Yes Absolutely

Very forgiving powerful bow. It has great speed and combined with Gold Tip X-Cutters it was a pleasure to ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Nov 30, 2003

High Country Carbon Four Runner Extreme Compound Bow

Reviewer: Kevin Schlueter

Recommended: yes

High Country Carbon riser bows are very light and great to carry on western hunts or in tree stands. They are very quiet, tough, and fast. During ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Oct 8, 2003

browning ambush compound bow

Reviewer: Cory Harrison

Recommended: yes

i recieved this bow for christmas in 2002. i looked on the internet and found outit only cost 200 buks, and i was gonna send it back beacause i ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 15, 2002

Browning Ambush Compound Bow

Reviewer: Neal Jackson

Recommended: Yes!

Great shooting bow! Found it to be quite accurate and very quiet. The best buy in the bow ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Dec 16, 2001

Jennings Buckmaster PWC Compound Bow

Reviewer: Kevin Knighton

Recommended: yes

Overall vrey reliable bow. Very accurate and forgiving. With the addition of a string leech & limb savers, its one of the quitest bows I've shot. ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Mar 19, 2001

Mathews Ultra Max (solo cam) Compound Bow

Reviewer: Kevin Bodge

Recommended: Yes

I found the Mathews Ultra Max to be a very well balanced, quiet and exceptionally fast bow. It has performed exceptionally well on the 3-d course ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 26, 2000

Hoyt Magna Tec Compound Bow

Reviewer: Stuart Talbot

Recommended: yes

I had been out of bowhunting for about 5 years. I wanted to get back into it, but wanted to update my equipment. The archery shop I went to had a ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jun 11, 2000

High Country Ultra Force compound bow

Reviewer: Jeremy EL Said

Recommended: YESSS

I have owned a few bows and by far this is the best hunting and target bow i have ever shot . It is so durable and the warenty that comes with it ... READ REVIEW

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