Bushmaster Arrow Quiver

Bushmaster Arrow Quiver



The Bushmaster Quiver is one of the most unique and practical products for bowhunters that we tested out in the hunting season of 2002/2003. It has all of the advantages of a back quiver with none of the disadvantages. It keeps the arrows out of your way when walking/stalking. It keeps the arrows quiet. It keeps your bow lighter for carrying, and quieter at the shot. It is fantastic for spot and stalk hunting in open or mountainous country. It's much easier to crawl along and push only your bow in front of you, instead of pushing a bow with an attached quiver full of arrows. It's great for treestand hunting, and your arrows won't be clanking on the arms or your climber anymore. I just took a screw-in step and hung my pack and the Bushmaster Quiver on it, and it was out of the way, but plenty accessible.

The Bushmaster frame is of hard, molded plastic. It completely protects the full length of your arrows. There are two circular pieces of foam inside that spin, with five arrow holes that line up on each one. Then there is a foam piece at the bottom that your broadheads stick into. The foam "discs" are made to spin quietly and simply inside the frame, and they work just as intended. They spin without much effort, but not so easily that they're spinning around when you don't want them to. Arrows are very easy to load into the quiver, and even easier to take out. With a very small amount of practice it is second nature and you can do it without looking. I've tried out over a dozen different broadheads and even the biggest broadheads have plenty of room and do not touch or rub up against other broadheads. It's a LOT more room than in a conventional quiver.

The Bushmaster fits very comfortably on your back with an adjustable strap. It does not wobble around or become annoying, and is quite comfortable to wear, and light.

There is only one complaint that I have with the Bushmaster Quiver. It only comes in one camoflauge, Mossy Oak Break-Up. I'm not particularly fond of Break-Up, and it doesn't look that great out in the Sagebrush or Aspen country, so I had my wife (who is a seamstress) cover up the Break-Up with Predator Fall Brown, and now it looks good in any terrain. That is my only complaint with this product.

Overall I felt that the Bushmaster Arrow Quiver was one of the best and most practical products that we tested out for the bowhunter, and I personally will not go back to a conventional quiver now that I've seen how much I like the Bushmaster.


Light, quiet, comfortable, functional


Only comes in one camo color

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