Eliminator Turkey Call



At the beginning of each Turkey call review I do, I'm going to make the following disclaimer: I understand that how much one likes a particular Turkey call may be a very subjective thing - what I aim to do in this review is to tell how I liked or disliked the call.

The Barnes Eliminator two-sided box call doesn't have fancy logos, pictures or engraved scenes on it, but it is a solid performer in the turkey woods. This call has a wide variety of sounds, excellent sound quality/tone, and can easily be quiet or LOUD. It can put out some serious volume. Cutting on this call is enough to make me want to gobble! It also does great yelps, clucks and purrs.

Constructed of solid Walnut, not only is the Eliminator sturdy and well-constructed, but it's simplicity is very attractive and has a "traditional" feel to it.


Sturdy construction, great sounds/volume, attractive look


POST-SCRIPT: When we say that we tested these calls, we mean that we TESTED them, in the field. To see the Spring, 2003 Field results of our testing of various turkey calls, click on the following link:

Spring 2003 Turkey Testing

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