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Review Date: Feb 20, 2006

API bowhunter Tree Stand

Reviewer: Mark Coatney

Recommended: NO

This stand climbs easily & quietly, the problems I had were the shrink tubing wore quickly off chains & when shooting sharply to the sides & rear my ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: May 27, 2003

API API Shooting Star Climbing tree stand

Reviewer: Darryl Wood

Recommended: most definitly yes

I was given this tree stand 3 years ago( by a generous friend), and before that I had only hunted from a permanent type tree stand. Now I know what I ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Nov 18, 2002

API API Grand Slam Bowhunter Climbing Tree Stand

Reviewer: Bill Gazza

Recommended: Yes

I would like to comment on the API Grand Slam Bowhunter climbing tree stand. I've hunted with alot of different tree climbers. And I would have to ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jan 9, 2002

API Grand Slam Bowhunter Climbing Tree Stand

Reviewer: Brian Hoffnagle

Recommended: Yes

This is the most impressive stand I have ever used. Realitively light at 20 lbs. and very compact. The seat is very comfortable, so much so that I ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 27, 2000

API Grand slam climbing tree stand

Reviewer: Trey Barber

Recommended: Yes

This is the 2nd stand and probably the last climber that I have owned. I started using this product last season and was very impressed. I bought it ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Apr 18, 2000

API AlumiLok Magnum Portable Treestand

Reviewer: Mike Turner

Recommended: Very much

The new seat that API has introduced for the Alumi-Lok is really more comfortable and quiter. I also have had really good service from API support on ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Mar 15, 2000

API Grand Slam Shooting Star Climbing Tree Stand

Reviewer: Joshua Flournoy

Recommended: yes

This is the 3rd climber that I have owned, and I like it very much. It holds the tree very well, it has a very comfortable seat (which is important ... READ REVIEW

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