Alaska Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

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Submit Date: Dec 1, 2013

Outfitter Review: Welch Brothers Kodiak Expeditions - Kodiak AK

Outfitter / Owner: Jeff Welch

Hunter: Travis Hagedorn

Animals Hunted: Alaskan Brown Bear

My trip with guide Jeff Welck was good.Jeff and his son Dillon were very helpfuul before the hunt letting me know what to expect and what to bring.They had someone to pick me up at Kodiak take me to fish and game and to Macks to get my tags.Once at camp I was shown to my room which was at the main house. It has a shower with hot water and a wood stove(lots better than a tent).Each morning started with jeff cooking breakfast and then a short boat ride to where we were hunting.The area looked good but the bears were not moving much.We saw bear on 3 days but it was to late in the day to make a stalk each time.There was no snow and temps were warmer than normal.They just were not moving.Jeff is a good guy he never stopped trying to find me a bear.He is also a very good cook.We had fresh crab and fish for dinner several nights.Welch provides a best of both worlds hunt,you have a place to dry your cloths,get a hot shower and enjoy a good meal.It may be a bit rustic,but you have everything you need. When I returned to fish and game they said the kill was down 50% at that time.

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Submit Date: Aug 12, 2013

Outfitter Review: Willow Air - Willow AK

Outfitter / Owner:

Hunter: Brian Harris

Animals Hunted: not specified

The hunt and the area hunted were just fine. The problem is this: If you're going to deal with Willow Air either as a hunter or just to use their flying services, you will have to deal with the owners wife, Peggy. I'm telling you... left there as mad as I've ever been. She is the meanest. rudest, most hateful person I've ever dealt with and would NEVER EVER go back there. She was constantly bitching from the time she picked us up in Anchorage, an hour and a half drive to Willow and most of the time we waited for our flight out. When we returned from camp she was waiting just looking to pick a fight. Fortunately for them they are located in such a nice area that they book solid a year ahead of time on most hunts year after year and so they don't think they need to be nice to people.

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Submit Date: Jan 3, 2013

Outfitter Review: Deltana Outfitters, Inc. - Delta Junction AK

Outfitter / Owner: James Weidner

Hunter: Ti Buffington

Animals Hunted: not specified

I was very pleased with the quality of the outfitter and guides. I enjoyed my hunt even more than I expected to. The guide was first rate, the outfitter did everything he promised to do. I got a ram and a caribou, couldnt be more pleased

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Submit Date: Jun 16, 2011

Outfitter Review: Alaska Frontier Guides - Chickaloon AK

Outfitter / Owner: Ben Stevenson

Hunter: Perry Elliott

Animals Hunted: Alaskan Brown Bear, Dall Sheep

After 3 years of saving my trapping money I got the chance to go on a hunt of a life time. I then ran, and biked to get in shape for 4 months. On this hunt I only hunted 3 total days. The other 4 days I was there I was left in a cabin that had not been cleaned for who knows how long. It was also full of mouse and rat droppings.It had no running water and no bathroom. I was taken to a restaurant twice a day for meals that I paid for myself. On my third day of hunting I shot a Sheep. This ram was judged by my guide at 40 inches but it turned out to be not legal. I was given a ticket that cost me more money and my sheep was confiscated by the local trooper. The outfitter and guide fabricated a false story to tell their trooper "friend"and were not given a ticket"small town." It was so bad I left after 7 days as I was abandoned and not any plans to finish my Brown Bear hunt I had paid for. Since then I tried to get some of my money back for services not provided all I have got are more lies and their attorney This nightmare complete for the low low price of $23,000. The outfitter and guide will lie without reservation. They are only concerened about the money.

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Submit Date: Feb 24, 2011

Outfitter Review: Max Schwab Master Guide - Talkeetna AK

Outfitter / Owner:

Hunter: Cory Smith

Animals Hunted: Alaska-Yukon Moose, Dall Sheep

I can't say enough positive things about my hunt with Max Schwab. He is a very professional outfitter with great guides. I hunted for dall sheep, moose, and grizzly. I was mainly focused on dall sheep and anything else would be a bonus. I killed a really nice ram and a huge 65 inch moose. Never had an opportunity at a grizzly. The area is incredible but you better be in good shape, both physically and mentally. Max's guides are some of the best in the business. I can't wait to go back.

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Submit Date: Dec 14, 2010

Outfitter Review: Alaska Bush Adventures - Anchorage AK

Outfitter / Owner: Hugh Les Krank

Hunter: mark franklin

Animals Hunted: Alaska-Yukon Moose, Grizzly Bear

Awesome hunt.After being burned in 2009 by another outfitter i chose ABA after alot of phone calls and web searches.EXTREMELY remote but camp was damn ghood for where we were. Alot of bears(killed one ) some moose but did not hunt that hard as i wanted a bear first.Highly reccomend and would be glad to talk to anyone who is considering them. Mark 6084441073

Submit Date: May 10, 2010

Outfitter Review: Ram Creek Outfitters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Burwell

Hunter: Mary Ann Smith

Animals Hunted: Moose, Sheep, Bear

I don't know what people expect on a remote hunt but the reality is your 65" trophy moose won't be tied to a tree waiting for you no matter how much or who you pay; neither will your full curl ram or your 9' bear. These huge old rams, bulls and boars are trophies because there isn't one standing on every peak or hiding behind every bush for every idiot that can afford to get there! You have to hunt, hunt, hunt and you have to be willing and able to shoot, shoot, shoot and be responsible for what you shoot! I'm an avid, experienced female elk hunter from Montana and what I saw at Bill Burwell's moose camps in 2009 was nothing but professional and skillful hunting and camping. I witnessed the demise of 1 full curl ram, 1 9' Bear and 5 nice but not record breaking moose during the 2009 ten day hunt. One Arizona hunter was set up on a huge moose 3 days in a row and due to his poor shooting skills couldn't manage to get him killed but that's not the guide or outfitters fault! 24 miles from the middle of nowhere we had 4 Polaris Rangers, 8 gentle horses, and a Piper supercub. Fresh eggs were 10 minutes away! Everybody had new tents, lanterns, stoves and plenty of grub and hot coffee! Nobody flew and hunted the same day and nobody directed guides or hunters to game from the airplane. Sure, there were a few resident hunters that toodled up the river past base camp (they've got more right to be there than anybody) but the place is so vast they never hunted in our way or anywhere near Burwell's spike camps. One thing ticks off Bill Burwell though. He expects his clients to arrive in a fit physical condition or at least below 250 pounds and be prepared to hunt all day. When you arrive obese and out of shape he can't fly you safely in the little airplane, you are an over burden to his trusty horses and you probably aren't going to hunt away from your tent. Then you'll go home and cry, cry, cry to anyone who'll listen about how it's the outfitters fault you you didn't get the trophy of your dreams that you paid for. I personally would hunt with Bill Burwell any day, any where for any big game. I know I would enjoy a safe, courteous and successful hunt! Bill should specialize in guiding women hunters. If a woman wants to hunt she'll show up a damn site tougher and better prepared than the rich sissy boys that go home and cry, cry, cry about not getting a big enough trophy.

Submit Date: May 2, 2010

Outfitter Review: Alaska Coastal Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Brad and Minnie Dennison

Hunter: kevin kayn

Animals Hunted: Blackbear

A boat based hunt for black bears on Kupreanof island in southeast Alaska. My wife came as an observer. One hunter killed a true 7 footer first day. The meals were awesome, with crab caught and prepared daily. Private state rooms. Many stalks on bears from 6.5' to 7.5'. I did not connect on a bear but we passed on a couple of good bears. Just not the "Giant" I went there for. Saw eagles, whales, moose,seals, sea otters Sitka black tail deer and much more.We both had a wonderful time.

Submit Date: Apr 20, 2010

Outfitter Review: Darwin Vanderesch - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Darwin Vanderesch/Joe Zimmerman

Hunter: Michael J. Clough Sr

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

Everything was about Mr. Vanderesch, wasn't to many things I did right with my week with him. But at the end of the day he wanted to be nicey-nicey My hunting companion even commented on how Mr. Vanderesch treated me as compared to him. My partner was quite shocked.I've been on many other guided trip's and never experienced this type of treatment or would expect it. Several days on this trip I was ready to throw the towel in. But I had to show him I would stick with it regardless.

Submit Date: Mar 9, 2010

Outfitter Review: Northern Air Trophy - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Matt Owens

Hunter: Brent Anderson

Animals Hunted: Caribou

The Western Arctic herd is the largest and healthiest caribou herd in Alaska. Kotzebue is the most logical village to access the Western Arctic herd. Northern Air Trophy is, in my opinion, the best outfitter (reliability, expertise and value) covering the Western Arctic caribou herd. They have an excellent Web site with many helpful pieces of information (including a very thorough Pre-Trip Planning Guide) and their service is "top-notch" from beginning to end.I hunted with them in late September 2006 and again in early September 2009.

Submit Date: Feb 9, 2010

Outfitter Review: Alaska Arctic Wildlife Adventures - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Less Cobb

Hunter: Bert Scherer

Animals Hunted: Moose/Bears

Hunt took place Sept. 5th-15th 2009Purchased 10 day hunt Shot 58" moose first day, Black Bear 4th day was stopped from hunting on 4th day because a guide was fired for drinking. My guide was taken away and given to the other hunter. I was told my hunt was over. Even though I still had a grizzly tag and had a set trophy fee set with Les.They also stole my moose meat. They never took it to Fairbanks where they had me make the arrangements with the processor.The game was sparse and the camp crew was so loud you could hear them a mile a way. The non res. season is too early also. I would never recommend this outfitter and they are smart not using me as a reference.

Submit Date: Jan 8, 2010

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Jim Noon

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

Received an email a week prior to hunt that he was out of business. Stuck me and my friends for the cost of the Hunt. Have been reading about his legal woes. Sounds like we were just 3 of many that got screwed. Hope he never ends up in the business again.

Submit Date: Nov 11, 2009

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Oufitting - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Lorne Dewar

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I had booked a Dall sheep hunt with Tony Dingess in the spring of 2008. I had sent in my deposit and then in June of 2008 is sent him the remainder of the hunt price in advance. I did not receive an itinerary from him or hear anything except when i looked on his website blog it stated he was in transition. I called him and asked for details. I got a real song and dance from him. We communicated back and forth with him talking about a lot of hopes he had in the works. He said everything depended on another outfitter taking over his hunts. I told him i did not want a maybe hunt at a possible later date. I raised a complaint about him with the Alaska licensing board. The investigator contacted tony and suggested he pay me back. I received an email from Tony stating that seeing I had cancelled my hunt with him he had no choice but to pay me back. To date I have received a thousand dollars back and have not heard a thing from him since. The date is Nov. 11/09. This fellow has guided some hunts this spring and he continues to advertise on his website. I have been in contact with a couple of the other people he had contracts from last year with and have not heard too much good from them. I would not recommend this fellow. I do not feel he should be outfitting. Tony still owes me a large amount of money and i intend to contact the licensing board again and have them look into this. This had been my once in a lifetime dream and he took that away from me as well as my money. I am bitter.

Submit Date: Nov 2, 2009

Outfitter Review: Bruce Parker - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Bruce Parker

Hunter: John M. Knight

Animals Hunted: Black bear and wolf

I have hunted 3 times with Bruce Parker's service. Brown bear in Sept. 08. Sighted over 100 bears in 8 actual days of hunting. I elected to shoot only a minimum 9.5 or better bear. Didn't happen. My choice. Great hunt! Sept. 09 I hunted with Bruce Parker Guide service again for black bear and wolf. I had one of my most enjoyable hunts ever! I did shoot an average bear, but an outstanding gray wolf was the high-light of the trip, as well as new friends!

Submit Date: Jun 7, 2009

Outfitter Review: Ram Creek Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Burwell

Hunter: Paul D. Farr

Animals Hunted: Moose, Bear

Burwell is a great sales man, but buyer be ware. Bill over books hunts so if your one of the lucky ones to get a good hunt you may score. Other wise your horse back hunt may be on foot. You may not have much food. You may not get one or more of the hunts you paid for on a combo hunt. You may hear I will personally guide you ha. In a effort to make good on a bad hunt you may be offered another hunt for an additional 7000.00. This is the scenario I have heard from a number of other hunters who booked with Burwell. I had a 10 day moose combo hunt did not see a legal bull in 8 days. Did not hunt bear one day. I believe the guides in camp were drinkers and could not get them out of bed in the mornings. I got up at day break, hiked to the nearest ridge and glassed while waiting for the rest to get out of bed. We usually left camp around 10:00 am. If you are on a limited budget and every dollar counts don't waste them like I did on a hunt with Bill Burwell.

Submit Date: Apr 27, 2009

Outfitter Review: International Hunting - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: J T Hackney

Hunter: M. Meadows

Animals Hunted: caribu

took my money talked with me till one week before the hunt.. said he would be hunting till the day before I arrived in anchorage. He never showed left me standing in the airport 4000 miles from

Submit Date: Mar 22, 2009

Outfitter Review: Munseys Bear Camp - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mike/Robin Munsey

Hunter: Michael H. Bolo

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

I took a nice Chocolate 10 footer with 28 9/16" Scull after drying in 1992. The hunt was in the fall and the weather was very good. Shorter days. My guide Bob Munsey is top Notch professional. He never stops working for you. Bob uses top Quality binoculars. He will feed you well in a warm comfortable camp in the most beautiful part of Kodiak Island. Walk where few other ever have. Its a great feeling taking a record book bear with the Munsey family they care about you and give their all to make your trip very enjoyable. The big bear I got full filled my dream of a lifetime. I'll never forget even a moment of this hunt. Everything was absolutely awesome.

Submit Date: Feb 7, 2009

Outfitter Review: Renfros Alaskan adventures - Ak

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Renfro

Hunter: Timothy Bortz

Animals Hunted: caribou

My week in southwestern Alaska was great. Saw a few brown bears, wolverene. tundra swans, ptarmigan, ate blue berries and killed a caribou want more could a person ask for. good cook, good help about hunting.

Submit Date: Jan 22, 2009

Outfitter Review: Parker Guide Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Bruce Parker

Hunter: Lloyd Godlis

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

Boat was base camp. I told Bruce Parker that I wanted a Billie. He assured me that after 17 years of experience he could identify a Billie from a Nanny. On the 2nd morning of a 7 day hunt he directed me to shoot a goat that he said was a Billie. It was a Nanny. I paid $11,000 for this hunt and his '09 price was going to $13,500. He offered me a new hunt in '10 for $11,000 which I refused. He then offered me a half price hunt but only if a cancellation occured wherein the hunter that cancelled had already paid a non-refundable 50% deposit. He would not give me a specific time frame as it depended on a cancellation that was 50% paid. The error was 100% his yet he would not offer a future hunt at a mutually acceptable fee.

Submit Date: Jan 14, 2009

Outfitter Review: Welch Brothers Guide Service - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Jeff Welch

Hunter: Stu Mauney

Animals Hunted: mountian goat

Master Guide Jeff Welch forgot to advise me to purchase the Alaska locking game tag prior to heading into the field. Thus we lost one day of hunting. He tried to blame this on me and got into a loud shouting match with me infront of my wife and the sub guide. Welch even screwed his own sug guide - dale stratton out of $700. He was supposed to take my wife fishing for 7 days at $200/day. He only took her 3 half days and was rude and used profanity contantly at her. He is an anti social personality disorder that is a danger to himself and others. He had no operable VHF radio for emergency, overall condition of camp was dirty, filthy, run dwon and in need of serious repair. Proper life jackets were not alwauys in the skiff. He had no customer service skills at all! Despite me paying $5,000 for the hunt and $1400 for my wife.Do not ever book a hunt with Jeff Welch of Welch Brothers Guide Service on Kodiak Island Alaska. He refused to provide a written contract even thoug a 50% deposit was paid 6 months in advance - a direct violation of Alaska Big Game and Commerical sercies board regulations. He also did not have adequate heat during the entire trip. He is currently under idnvestigation by the Alaska Attorney Genrals Office for these associated violations and the case has been referred to the Board of The Alaska Big Game and Commercial Services Board for investigation, as of January 2009 - hunt occured in October 2008.

Submit Date: Dec 11, 2008

Outfitter Review: Ram Creek Outfitters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Burwell

Hunter: Kent Karolik

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I booked an 8 day hunt. Only stayed 5 as we hadn't seen a legal ram and my guide was the strangest person I'd ever encountered. It was so bad that I'd lost all trust in him and therefore ended my trip early. I've hunted all over the world and this was the first time I've ever had such an encounter. There were no other guides that I could have switched to either. Also, none of the other sheep hunters before me had connected and I was the last hunter. It's my understanding then that Ram Creek Outfitters took ZERO sheep for 2008.Extremely disappointed.

Submit Date: Dec 6, 2008

Outfitter Review: Pacific Mountain Guides - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Otto Kulm

Hunter: Don Detwiler

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

Great hunt, excellent trophy quality. The hair quality is way above average. This was my second mountain goat hunt with Pacific Mountain Guides. I killed a B&C mountain goat this year having taken a smaller goat in 2007. Physical and mental conditioning are a must!!I highly recommend this hunt for anyone wanting an above average mountain goat.

Submit Date: Dec 4, 2008

Outfitter Review: 40 Mile Air - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Leif Wilson

Hunter: Dan Sims

Animals Hunted: moose/caribou

I went on a D.I.Y. drop off hunt in September of 2007. I hunted for 4 days, saw hundreds of caribou, harvested a mature bull on the first day. On the fourth day, I called in a 52" bull moose and was able to harvest him, also. While the hunt was not perfect, you cannot expect perfect on a DIY Alaska hunt. Weather and conditions can vary greatly, and anybody planning on going to AK to hunt must be prepared for anything.The 40 Mile staff was professional, and extremely honest about what to expect from the hunt. We were flown out to the bush when planned, but bad weather kept us an extra few days out in the field. 40-Mile, while not able to land to pick us up, still flew over our camp to check on us everyday.When I go back to AK, I will book with them again.

Submit Date: Aug 4, 2008

Outfitter Review: Kitchel's Alaska Guide Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Troy Kitchel

Hunter: Shane E. A. Romero, Jr.

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I initially contacted Troy in '04 for an '05 moose hunt after a recommendation. The area he was hunting went to a draw and I was unsuccessful in drawing a tag so we talked about waiting until '06 or another hunt. I decided to hunt Dall sheep after checking his references for that species.I wanted to hunt the opening 10 days of the season but Troy already had another hunter lined up. He arranged for another registered guide, Shawn Stone (Greatland Outfitters), to guide me. Shawn worked with Troy at another outfit when they were both starting out. I checked out Shawn's references too and was likewise satisfied.This was a very physically demanding hunt and in the end it was successful. Troy's other client was also successful. I can say that my communication with Troy and Shawn before the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt was great; and, they both talked to me about any concern I had. I still talk to Troy on occassion and would have no problem recommending either him or Shawn.

Submit Date: Jun 12, 2008


Outfitter / Owner: JAKE JEFFERSON

Hunter: Sean Witthar

Animals Hunted: GRIZZLY

Jake runs the outfit personally, you book with Jake and he does all the guiding. Everything was perfect and all details were covered. Jake is very honest and a great person to spend a week with in the AK bush.

Submit Date: Apr 19, 2008

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Ernie Lommatsch

Animals Hunted: Goat

I had a Goat and Brown Bear Tags. Never saw a bear. Hiked (Full Pack, personal gear,+ food) and climbed to the spike camp in 1.5 days. Very dangerous exposure on the climb up.. Guide had never been up this mountain and had never hunted goat before. As a once Park Service Ranger (trained in climbing) I assisted the way using ropes, making anchors, and a secondary safety rope. The outfitter/owner had never been up this mountain. I knew it would be tough climbing to get to goat country. Technical climbing with dangerous exposure should not of been part of the hunt. The guide had no technical climbing training. I was ONLY one of two hunters that made it up the mountain to hunt goat in a 12 week season of guided hunts, and the only successful person to tag a goat all season. Of the other 7 hunters that week,hunting for Brown Bear and Moose, no one saw either,except "one little bear hardly big enough to cover your toilet seat!" Darren Byler(owner)was in the main camp the first day and flew back to stay on his boat for the week. No one ever saw him again!!!! There was no water filtration/purification during the hunt.

Submit Date: Apr 18, 2008

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Henry D. Tiffany

Hunter: Bill Phifer

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

Henry Tiffany was the guide on my hunt. He refused to put in the effort necessary to pursue dall sheep. He insisted on hunting "an eight hour day", returning to base camp too frequently, and insisting on camping and primarily hunting from the valley floor. A complaint is on file with ANWR and the Alaska Department of Licsensing.

Submit Date: Apr 11, 2008

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Len Anderson

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

I arrived in camp at the same time as the outfitter and guide and I had to help set up camp. That didn't bother me but a client should arrive at a camp that is already set up. There was no pre hunt scouting so finding bears was purely by guess and by golly. After two unproductive days, the asst. guide and I were moved a few miles up the coast and were left with a small tent and some cooking equipment. We did not see the outfitter again for the next 6 days and we could not communicate with him because of the poor satellite phone system. We literally had to call his wife in West Virginia...leave a message....and then call again the next day to hopefully get a return message. The bears were not anywhere near the coast or salmon streams yet we did not have the ability to move our spike camp inland. We literally were stuck on the coast and had to hike 4-5 miles through alders and uphill to possibly find a bear. On the 6th frustrating day my guide and I finally found a bear appx. 6 miles inland but we had no provisions to spike into the area. There was no packer and not enough gear, food, or fuel to be able to stay in there for more than a few hours. It took half a day just to get ourselves into the area where there might have been bears. After the 7th day of a 10 day hunt, the outfitter (Tony Dingess) showed up in a small boat...loaded up our gear....and motored to Nelson Lagoon. Never was I asked if I was ready to call it a hunt. It had been called for me. I was confused. I thought we would be going to another area. Wrong! Instead, I was going home whether I wanted to or not. There were other hunters as well who opted to go home early because in the same hunting time, they had seen ZERO bears. I was not ready to go home. I had invested literally thousands of dollars for a 10 day hunt and I got 7 days of nothing but misery and a totally unproductive hunting area. The entire hunt was totally unorganized. It was not just my opinion either. Each of the other hunters as well as some of the asst. guides were completely disgusted with the organization or lack of it.Prior to this bear hunt, I had put down a $1000 deposit (with the same outfitter)for a 2008 Moose hunt. I have demanded this money to be refunded as there is no way I will ever hunt with this outfit again. As of today (April 11, 2008), and 6 months since the early October bear hunt, I have received only half of the money back. He not only has the balance of the moose downpayment, but he also owes me for the 3 missing days of the bear hunt. The man says that he will pay me back for the 3 days but I have not seen a dime yet and I have not gotten the balance of the $1000 either. If you access his website (, you will not find my name on the reference list. That is because Tony Dingess has removed it. You will also read that he says he will scout for the bears and know where they are before you arrive in camp. That was not my experience at all. It was just the opposite. He had no idea where any bears were because he had not scouted the area at all. So, do not believe what he says on his website. Except for the camping provisions. That was as advertised. Primitive and very uncomfortable. I could handle that and was prepared for those conditions. That was acceptable to me as long as I had a chance to find some game. As I said, 1 bear 6 miles from 7 days, is not my idea of a productive hunting area. This is just a small sampling of the problems incurred during this horrible hunting experience. I strongly advise any of you guys out there to not book a hunt with Tony Dingess of Revelation Mt. Outfitters. I would like to add that I have been hunting big game for over 40 years. I am in very good shape and being poorly prepared either mentally or physically was not a factor. I have hunted in Alaska for caribou with different guides so I have something to compare this outfit to. In short.....there is no comparison. The other camps and guides were far superior to what you will get with Revelation Mountain Outfitters. As a side note, I feel so strongly about this negative experience, I will be contacting the Alaska Professional Hunter's Association and any other agencies such as the Alaska Hunting Forum that I can. This man should not be running a hunting guide business.

Submit Date: Apr 9, 2008

Outfitter Review: Papa Bear Adventures - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Steve & Karl Powers

Hunter: Gary Graham

Animals Hunted: Caribou

We have used Papa Bear on two occasions, once in 2004 and 2007. They provide a great service from receiving your shipped gear ahead of time to assisting you in shipping your gear home. We have seen a large quanity of game (bear and caribou)each time that we used them. They land to check on you and haul meat back anytime that that they are in the area and run a very safe operation. The fishing opportunities are outstanding as well.

Submit Date: Jan 21, 2008

Outfitter Review: 40 Mile Air - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Leif

Hunter: Randy Eddy

Animals Hunted: moose

drop-camp hunt, lied to multiple times by staff, pilot was good, but no one knew anything about how to hunt/where to camp or anything else that an outfitter ought to know. did not provide safety checks as promised. A dangerous operation to hunt with as far as I'm concerned.

Submit Date: Dec 20, 2007

Outfitter Review: Munsey Bear Camp - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Munsey

Hunter: Ryan Robinson

Animals Hunted: Brown bear

I had very bad weather. The outfttter only went though the motions. Couldn't wait for us to leave. He didn't care weather I killed a bear or not. Had very little personality, was very boring to on beach for 15 day with mike.

Submit Date: Oct 4, 2007

Outfitter Review: Alaska Premier Sportfishing - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Travis Larson

Hunter: Rick Nielson

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Travis Larson has a very large and comfortable boat with comfortable bunks and private showers, and he cooked some awesome dishes. There was plenty of food available and we had full access to it all. He is a transporter only for bears and is a stikler for following the rules and limitations for transporters. But he and his deck hand were the best at what they do. The weather kept us out of the best Halibut fishing grounds but we still caught plenty, just smaller than normal. There are plenty of bears and we had no problem spotting them. Then its a matter of going to shore on the skiff to get a shot. We all got bears even though we passed on a lot of them.

Submit Date: Sep 19, 2007

Outfitter Review: Alaska Arctic Wildlife Adventures - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Les Cobb

Hunter: Glen Bachman

Animals Hunted: Moose/Bears

Hunted primarily for Moose. My guide was sick and coughed the enitre hunt which proved to be a huge handicap. Also the non-resident season is too early to catch the big bulls in the rut so unless Alaska Fish and Game moves the non-resident season back ten days the hunt is a waste of time. You'll see some young bulls but no giants coming to calling because of no rutting activity. Fairly poor outfitted hunt as well. Old-school outfitter apparently more concerned about catering to several wealthy repeat clients then he was to this first-timer. No real follow through with this set-up either.

Submit Date: Sep 15, 2007

Outfitter Review: Norton Sound Guide Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Vance Griskowsky

Hunter: Tim Craig

Animals Hunted: Grizzly Bear-Salmon

Did not take a grizzly but had the best time.Booked back for 2008 season.Vance will work hard for you and is chef quality.Johny is the an excellent guide and person to hunt with.The fishing is out of this world.I am an outfitter with 30 years experience,goes to show you it is not all about the kill.Vance has some excellent archery hunting for grizzy.Also nice spot and stalk with a rifle.He has more in the book than most.Do not hesitate to book with Vance.AAA.

Submit Date: Jun 19, 2007

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Mike Jones

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Wonderful hunt! I have been on other guided black bear hunts, and this one was by far the BEST!!!!

Submit Date: May 8, 2007

Outfitter Review: Southeastern Alaska Guide Services - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Scott Newman

Hunter: Johnny Hughes

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

I had an outstanding hunt with Scott. He has lived his entire life in the area he hunts and knows it better than anyone. He has a ton of goats and knows how to hunt them. The August alpine hunt requires excellent physical conditioning to be successful. If you're in shape and can go where Scott wants to go, you'll have the trip of your life. Otherwise, book a late-season hunt as the goats are much lower and easier to get to. Scott is a class act and will put you into game. He has world-class brown bear hunts too. There is no risk with this outfit.

Submit Date: Apr 16, 2007

Outfitter Review: Ram Creek Outfitters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Burwell

Hunter: Frank A. Lopez

Animals Hunted: Moose & Grizzly

DO NOT trust Bill Burwell. He will tell you whatever you need to hear to book a hunt. He can talk a good talk, but in the end he’ll take your money and leave you wishing you had gone elsewhere. I hunted moose and grizzly with Bill in the fall of 2006. Let me start off by saying that even though I did harvest a moose, to this day this hunt still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.I checked his references. He provided the names of about 8 references. I think only one was a legitimate reference. Four could not be reached. I later found out that one is a friend from Montana, one hunted client from 10_ years ago and one was his guide who happened to be a client at one time. After my trip was paid in full, I never heard from Bill again. I was not able to reach him for the entire 3 months before my trip. I left for my trip thinking I had been ripped off.Bill is about as disorganized as they come. Five hunters hunting 1x1, but only 4 guides including Bill. Not to mention the camera crew filming a TV show for the Outdoor Channel. Only one guide was one of Bill’s regular guides. One guide was a complete idiot that had no business being a guide and my guide who was one of his sheep hunters who stayed over from his hunt to fill in guiding. My guide was a nice guy and worked hard, but I specifically told Bill to I wanted to be booked with one of his regular guides or I’ll wait till next year. There were things that happened in camp that were unethical and some that I think were flat out illegal. Two hunters in camp shot sub-legal bulls during my trip, one with Bill guiding. Bill left his client alone and the client shot the “wrong” bull. The second was with the dunce guide who told his hunter that the bull was a definitely a 60” bull with 4 brows. After the hunter repeated asked, the guide insisted the bull was a definite shooter. This bull ended up being a 45” bull with 3 brows. Everything was confiscated by AK F&G On the fourth day I switched guides to his only regular guide since he was no longer guiding the TV crew. I specifically told my guide that since I would most likely only be able to do this kind of a trip once in my life and that I would rather hunt all the way to the end and go home empty handed that to just shoot a just legal bull so that I wouldn’t go home empty handed. Later that day I harvested my bull. Before the shot, my guide indicated that the bull would go 60”… but it was barely legal… 51”. I was basically stranded in base camp for 3 -1/2 days, not due to weather, but because of a shortage of guides, moving camps and bringing the TV crew in/out. At the end of the trip I was taken back to the air strip in Slana a day early Bill was in a hurry to get his stuff moved for another hunt. Total BS.In the end, I watched two illegal bulls harvested and confiscated, a TV celebrity shot grizzly cub get shot on camera which I am certain will never be aired on TV. I watched as Bill would fly his overhead and spot game from the air and radio it to his guides. My trophy of a lifetime turned out to be barley legal and I paid for 10 days of hunting and only received 6 days with tags left in my pocket. Bill’s area is directly accessible from the hwy and is heavily hunted by locals on ATVs. One day I counted 6 different groups of ATVs drive by our spike camp. To top everything off, all but one hind quarter of my meat disappeared from Bill’s meat locker. The story I was told that it must have been mistakenly confiscated by F&G. If I thought I could take him to court to get some of my money back I would. I'm certain a judge would rule in my favor, but I don’t think I would ever see a dime of that money. Since then, I have attempted to contact Bill Burwell over a dozen times. To date I still have not received a return to my phone calls or emails.

Submit Date: Feb 21, 2007

Outfitter Review: Northern Air Trophy - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Matt & Julie Owen

Hunter: Dan Barlow

Animals Hunted: Caribou

We were bow hunting and wanted big bulls. The migration didn't come thru while we were there but we still saw 87 caribou. We passed on shots at small bulls and didn't get close enough to any big bulls for a shot. If we were rifle hunting both of us could have shot 2 big bulls. We did the outfitted drop hunt and had a great time even though we came home with no game. We never asked to be moved, but that was an option we knew we had. Some of the gear was brand new. Some of it came from Cabelas. It was a well supplied camp. The food was good. We stayed longer than we were expected to and had plenty of food left over.

Submit Date: Jan 18, 2007

Outfitter Review: Cub Air - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Jack Lechner

Hunter: Bryce Lambley

Animals Hunted: Sitka Deer

Jack Lechner runs Cub Air and provided us with float plane transportation into the Alaskan alpine on Kodiak Island for a early season bowhunt for Sitka Blacktail deer. My brother (compound) and I (longbow) each tagged two P&Y caliber animals, with three of those grossing in the 90"+ range. The hunting was very challenging given our modest shooting limitations combined with the treeless terrain where we found the deer in early August. We made the most of our opportunities and were put in great country by Jack, who is a true gentleman and fine sportsman. Saw some brown bears, but nothing close enough to get nervous about. We hunted about 5-6 days if I recall, and pulled out a little early due to having taken two good bucks each and possibility of poor weather moving in. I wrote an article about the hunt for the Aug.-Sept. 06 issue of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine.

Submit Date: Jan 14, 2007

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Len Anderson

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I took a full curl Dall ram on the 4th day of my hunt. Although it was a very tough hunt, it was typical of a Dall Sheep hunt. Camp was backpack style but very comfortable. Food was as advertised ie freeze dried along with sausage, cheese, oatmeal,and candy bars. I loved the guides. It was clear they were committed to working as hard as they could to get me into position for a shot on a ram. I have since booked a brown bear hunt with Tony and his asst. guides. That is as good an endorsement as a business can have......a repeat customer.

Submit Date: Jan 9, 2007

Outfitter Review: Osprey Lodge - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Gary, Steve, Louise Pogany

Hunter: Jerry Rowe

Animals Hunted: Caribou, Bear

First time in Alaska. Had four in our group. Purchased the Caribou hunt...but upon arrival were informed that Caribou herds in area have been dwindling, and ones left had already been through the area. Thus, the owners offered us a brown/black bear hunt instead...FOR THE SAME PRICE (Plus the cost of the brown bear license)! Two of us bought licenese, while other two of us could shoot black bear with our caribou license (good rule in Alaska). This was a great deal, and showed great integrity on part of the outfitter. We split into two groups of two, one group missed 400lb black bear, other group saw 900lb brown two days in a row, but could not get close enough for shot. Near end of week, we split up and flew out of lodge to spike change focus to cow caribou to at least bring home meat. Two of four of us were successful on cow caribou. The guides were great, the staff at the lodge were awesome, and the integrity of the owners makes me very comfortable to recommend this camp anytime. Just call ahead and ask about caribou if that is your goal. Otherwise, great spot for bear or moose....

Submit Date: Jan 7, 2007

Outfitter Review: Munsey's Bear Camp - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Munsey

Hunter: Brian Smith

Animals Hunted: Kodiak Brown Bear

Best hunt I have ever been on! The entire staff is out to make your hunt successful and your stay a comfortable one. The accomodations exceeded many hotels.We saw bears every day. Mike was very serious about guiding me to a large bear, which he did. The only thing keeping me from returning sooner is Kodiak's rule of one bear every four years. See you in four years Mike.

Submit Date: Jan 6, 2007

Outfitter Review: Afognak Wilderness Lodge - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Roy Randall family

Hunter: Bruce Morrison

Animals Hunted: Brown bear, sitka deer

A friend and I went there in May '06. I got a nice P&Y boar with my bow on day 3, and my buddy knocked down a 10 footer with his .375 on day 7. Tremendous experience! I'd like to go back there for sitka deer someday.

Submit Date: Dec 21, 2006

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Chet Norris

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

All information and details Tony presented about the hunt were accurate. I harvested a legal ram on the second day of the 2006 season.

Submit Date: Dec 15, 2006

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Silvio Rossi

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

I booked a last minute Peninsula Brown Bear hunt with Tony. We lost 3 days of hunting do to weather. Tony told us that if we didn't get an opportunity at a good bear we could come back. On the first afternoon of our hunt my guide and I saw 2 bear right by camp. We spotted a huge bear on a mountain top. It took us 5 hours to get in position for a shot. I shot a 10'10" bear. I saw another huge bear the next day while getting my bear to camp.

Submit Date: Dec 7, 2006

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitter - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Len Anderson

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I had such a good time on my sheep hunt I have since booked a fall brown bear hunt in 2007. I can't wait to see the guys again. I have great respect for them as hunters and gentlemen.

Submit Date: Nov 24, 2006

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Rocky Mcelveen

Hunter: Russell

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Simply put...the worst hunt I've ever been on. The "guide" was a clueless teenager with a bad attitude. When at their "lodge", the guests stay in filthy little shacks, while the camp employees stay in a nice, heated building with TVs, hot water, etc. The staff are borderline rude, and talk exclusively among themselves, treating the "guests" as unwanted intruders. A really, really bad atmosphere. Creepy, really. If they paid *me* to go back I would decline the offer. You have been warned.

Submit Date: Nov 16, 2006

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Gifford Perdue

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

The outfitter did not know the area at all and sent us out with two young men that had signed up for his guide school. This should be against the law.

Submit Date: Oct 25, 2006

Outfitter Review: Primo Expeditions - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Ed Toribio

Hunter: Dennis Adams

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

Ed also uses probably the best Beaver pilot in Ketchikan (Ernie Robb from S.E. Aviation). This man can land that plane in a cup of water if the conditions were right.Ed does EVERYTHING he can in his power to insure that you get what you are after and to make sure that you are safe. Safety is priority #1 with Ed. I would highly recommend him, but you better heed his advice on whatever he tells you (like Caulk boots and rain gear).

Submit Date: Oct 20, 2006

Outfitter Review: West Wind Guide Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Lee




Submit Date: Oct 10, 2006

Outfitter Review: Ram Aviation - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Spisak

Hunter: Dennis Bryant

Animals Hunted: Caribou

This was our first trip to Kotzebue and our first experience with Ram Aviation (Mike Spisak). We had done as much research on Ram as was available on line but, unfortunately for us, what we had read on line didn’t tell the full story. The camp to which we were taken was filthy and over-hunted. There were lots of cans, bottles, broken glass and tin foil in the fire pit that had been made by the previous hunters. What bothered me most, however, was the fact that there was a white 5 gallon bucket half full of human waste sitting in the nearby trees not more than 20 yards from the tent site. I left the bucket there and Mike never made any attempt to do anything with it, nor was he even remotely concerned about the overall condition of the camp when we arrived or left, including the fire pit.As for the hunting, we found out after the fact that we were the last group into that camp for the year and the previous groups (2 or 3) had all hunted the tundra directly across the river. It reminded me of a battlefield as it was littered with numerous gut piles. Of the caribou remaining in the area that we saw few were mature bulls. During our 5 day hunt we only saw two bulls that we considered to be “shooters”. Towards the later part of the week we saw few caribou, not seeing any two days in a row! When Mr. Spisak flew in to pick us up he merely said that it appeared that all of the caribou had moved out of the valley and left it at that. Once back at the airport, Mr. Spisak walked away without so much as a “thank you” or “come again”. I was shocked by his total lack of disregard not only to us, but to the entire experience.

Submit Date: Oct 7, 2006

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Chef Sean

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Guide worked hard, and felt safe in a dangerous territory. Felt like if we got into weather or trouble Darren could take care of it.

Submit Date: Aug 22, 2006

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Danny Ellis

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

I have hunted all over North America with many different outfitters. This guy is without a doubt the absolute worst because of his attitude.

Submit Date: Aug 19, 2006

Outfitter Review: Atkins Guiding/Flying Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Ray Atkins

Hunter: Don Detwiler

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

Got a 39"+ ram on the first day of an 8 day hunt. I cannot say enough about the quality of this hunt,Ray and Rick work hard to get their hunters a sheep. The equipment is top shelf and well maintained. I fished and toured the local area after my hunt was complete.The care of the hide after skinning was excellent as well.

Submit Date: Jul 23, 2006

Outfitter Review: Ram Creek Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: William S. Burwell

Hunter: Bill W. Hill

Animals Hunted: Grizzly / Sheep

My hunt was a 10 day Sheep / Grizzly hunt. After the hunt was paid in full, the outfitter would not return my calls for information. My guide arrived same day as I. No pre-scouting or locating game prior to my arrival. After 3 days of sheep hunting only saw 2 legal rams on last day with no possible shot. After 7 days of Grizzly hunting saw no bears. My main purpose of hunt was to take a Grizzly and I was told by this Outfitter I would see one or two good bears every day. I found out later that they had no success with bears the year before. Don't waste your money with this outfitter. He is an absolute disgrace to every professional outfitter in the business. Has a fancy web site "" but don't be fooled as I was.

Submit Date: Jul 18, 2006

Outfitter Review: North Alaska Expeditions - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Justin Johns


Animals Hunted: grizzly bear


Submit Date: Jul 13, 2006

Outfitter Review: Burr Henriksen - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Burr Henriksen

Hunter: Robert Berry

Animals Hunted: Coastal Brown Bear

Burr Delivered as promised. We didn't see many bears in four days, (poor visibilty) but we did see several big boars. This bear hunt involved hours of glassing and the bear I killed ( 9 ft square 800 plus pounds) this May came out of the drainage we were set up on. We spotted it from our tent camp. Not only were my guides true mountain men, the pilots and planes were the best I have ever seen. Burr has an outstanding bear area and I strongly recommend his operation.

Submit Date: Jun 20, 2006

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Paul

Animals Hunted: black bear

Was not the hunt anybody in my group expected.The outfitter was more interested on working on his boat then making sure his clients were happy.I brought this to his attention and he told me that "I see it all the time nobody is ever happy until they kill a bear", that should say something about the hunt. I have been on other hunts that everybody was at least having fun during the hunt and if you kill something the just made it that much better. Darren musty realize that his hunt is not fun ulsess you kill something. That seems to be his attitude and for me I thinks thats wrong that why I would not recommend him and why I am going to try to spread the word!!!

Submit Date: Apr 8, 2006

Outfitter Review: Mavrik Air - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Craig

Hunter: Frank Sanders

Animals Hunted: Caribou

We did a drop camp Caribou hunt and it was better than one could expect. The area was excellent and we were checked on every 2-3 days and Craig made sure we were not having problems with bears, made sure our meat was OK and took back any garbage we had. The amount of animals was astounding.

Submit Date: Jan 24, 2006

Outfitter Review: Kitchel's Alaska Guide Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Troy Kitchel

Hunter: Shane Romero

Animals Hunted: Dall sheep

I originally booked a moose hunt through Kitchel's Alaska Guide Service. Unfortunately, Troy's moose area had just went to a draw and I was not successful in drawing a permit. So, I decided to go on a Dall Sheep hunt. Troy already had someone booked for his 1st sheep hunt (August 10th), which is when I wanted to go.In order to accomodate me Troy contacted his friend, Shawn Stone of Greatland Outfitters, to serve as my guide. Troy and Shawn have known each other a number of years having worked together as assistants for another outfitter.Troy and Shawn are both first class guys. They are experienced, hard working, fun to be around and motivated to get you the best opportunity. I would not hesitate to use either of them again.

Submit Date: Jan 20, 2006

Outfitter Review: Pioneer Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Terry Overly

Hunter: Robert Veach

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

Rob 2002Wonderful experence. You need to be physicallyfit for this hunt. Lots of work with great rewards.

Submit Date: Jan 10, 2006

Outfitter Review: JOE POLANCO - ALASKA

Outfitter / Owner: JOE POLANCO




Submit Date: Jan 10, 2006

Outfitter Review: BRAD DENNISON - ALASKA

Outfitter / Owner: BRAD DENNISON


Animals Hunted: BROWN BEAR


Submit Date: Dec 8, 2005

Outfitter Review: Kodiak Guides - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Jim Bailey

Hunter: Curt Chiesa

Animals Hunted: Kodiak Brown Bear, hunted 10/25/05 to 11/3/05

Jim had 3 bear hunters on 10 day hunts in his Fall 2005 camp. None of the hunters got a bear during their 10 days. I did not see any bears over 7 feet in Jim's permit area, although I saw an 8 to 9 foot bear on adjacent land. The third hunter extended his hunt 2 days and took a bear on the 2nd day of his extension.

Submit Date: Dec 8, 2005

Outfitter Review: Arctic Alaska Guide Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Dave Morris

Hunter: Curt Chiesa

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep; Caribou hunted in late summer of 2005

We didn't get a ram, but I believe that was due in part to the rain & fog.I think Dave is an honest outfitter. He gave my name to other hunters as a reference, even though I didn't take a ram. So I believe he's honest in representing his operation and its success.

Submit Date: Dec 8, 2005

Outfitter Review: Golden Eagle Outfitters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Jim Cummings

Hunter: Steve Young

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Did a drop camp hunt with Jim Cummings out of Delta Junction. Jim was very accomodating on getting us in and out and very helpful overall with hunt planning. Saw a fair number of 'bou, and some nice shooter bulls. Went in late Aug - early Sep and had some rain, snow, fog and sun. Two folks got nice bulls (one passed on a couple and ended up not taking one). A very positive experience all around.

Submit Date: Dec 7, 2005

Outfitter Review: Munseys Bear Camp - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mike/Robin Munsey

Hunter: Jim Bernardin

Animals Hunted: Sitka Blacktail Deer

Mike and Robin Munsey run a first rate operation. Although primarily an outfitter for Kodiak Bear hunting, they offer aterrific hunting for blacktail deer. I saw 114 deer, including 38 bucks, and took two very nice 3 x 3 blacktail bucks. I had the good fortune to be guided by Mike Munsey and he was outstanding in all respects.Travel to Alaska fgor a deer hunt is more than just a deer hunt; it's an adventure I would recommend to anyone.

Submit Date: Dec 2, 2005

Outfitter Review: Golden Eagle Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Jim Cummings

Hunter: Steve Young

Animals Hunted: Caribou

We flew out of Delta Junction, AK with Jim Cummings. Very professional, safety conscious, and accomodating. As Andy Fowkes said, we saw most shooter bulls the first couple of days, 2 of us took a nice bull on the first day of hunting. With caribou the migration determines how many you see so timing is everything and you can't control it - you could see thousands or just a few. We flew in on 28 Aug 05 and back out on 3 Sep 05 - Super Cub, one guy and gear at a time. Spectacular scenery and never saw another hunter. Highly recommend Jim Cummings to anyone interested in a 40 Mile Herd caribou hunt in AK.

Submit Date: Oct 13, 2005

Outfitter Review: Osprey Lodge - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Gary Pogany

Hunter: ajcole

Animals Hunted: caribou

don't do the non-guided hunt. once they drop you off they could care less about you. their son steve is the most baligerant person i ever met.don't waste your time or money

Submit Date: Oct 11, 2005

Outfitter Review: Westwind Guide Service - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Lee

Hunter: Rick Lingo

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Mr. Tony Lee of Westwind guide service new in advance that no Caribou were in the area we were to hunt this season. But instead allowed us to pay all his fees and his pilot for flying us in to his camp which was an extra ($1500) for our group, then informed us that no caribou was in the area and opted to put us right off his runway to hunt for something that we had no chance of taking (Sounds like a really fun hunt dosent it)So if your looking to go on a really expensive Camping trip or want to throw away alot of money then by all means book with Mr. Lee he'll surely drain your Pocket book.

Submit Date: Sep 28, 2005

Outfitter Review: Alaskan Adventure Tours - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Darren Byler

Hunter: Danny Ellis

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

I expected a tough hunt from a physical standpoint and that was not a problem. Four of us were hunting and there was only one guide who had ever been goat hunting before. What was advertised and delivered were not one and the same. Mr. Byler was totally insensitive to any requests we made and the atmosphere was very unpleasant. I take several guided hunts per year and have seen the good and the bad. This was the worst I have ever experienced.

Submit Date: Sep 25, 2005

Outfitter Review: Sportsmans Guide & Air Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Joe Schuster

Hunter: Mark Currie

Animals Hunted: Moose

My partner and I used Joe for a unguided drop camp for moose in Sept. 2005. This was my third trip to Alaska for moose since 2ooo. Even though my first two trips were successful Joes outfit was the best. He is very well organized, has a great area, provides all the gear and food (real food)and is one of the hardest working outfitters I have been with. Mike and I saw six legal bulls in the first four days, four of these we called to under one hundred yards of camp. We both took large mature bulls that came in looking for a fight. Joe retrived all meat from the field in a timely and professional manner. I would not hesitate to use Joes services again.

Submit Date: Sep 25, 2005

Outfitter Review: Revelation Mountain Outfitters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Tony Dingess

Hunter: Brandt Williams

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear

Outfitter was too anxious to get bear hunt over with so he could move on to his sheep hunt. Think there was some poor planning and lack of overall organization for this hunt. Don't believe the outfitter did any scouting ahead of time as indicated he would by flying the area. Never asked if we wanted to pass on the small bears we saw and took, rather wanted us to shoot first legal bear we saw. saw 10 bears in six days, none over 8'. Hunt was very competitively priced.

Submit Date: Sep 4, 2005

Outfitter Review: Golden Eagle Outfitters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Jim Cummings

Hunter: Andy Fowkes

Animals Hunted: Caribou

We had a great hunt. Past on four Bulls on the first legal hunt day that we should have shot. Saw many Caribou for the first few days then tappered off. We could have been done the first day if we had not been so gready. Jim did a great job and was more than helpful with our planning. Without a doubt I would recommend him. Jim is the man!

Submit Date: Jun 5, 2005

Outfitter Review: RDM Pilot Guide - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Ryan McCue

Hunter: Sean Wiithar

Animals Hunted: BLACK BEAR

I used RDM for a floatplane drop hunt on POW island for black bears in spring 2005. Ryan provides all the gear and a skiff to hunt a location he has scouted prior to your hunt. The gear was all in great condition and Ryan provides more than what was needed for the hunt. The gear has to be first rate for SE Alaska weather and his was. He has a passion for hunting and is not just a pilot, he knows what it takes to have a succesful hunt.

Submit Date: Mar 22, 2005

Outfitter Review: Wild Alaskan Guides - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Marty Myer

Hunter: Pete Moesser

Animals Hunted: Grizzly Bear ,Caribou

This was a very tough hunt. Marty was a great guild and we worked hard for the best trophy I could ask for. I shoot a 9'2" Grizzly Bear #18 S.C.I. as a bonus I shot a good wall-hanger bull caribou. Marty had the knowlege to insure a great expirience.

Submit Date: Mar 7, 2005

Outfitter Review: Lake Clark Air - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mark Lang

Hunter: John Tschantre

Animals Hunted: caribou

Four of us did a wheeled Super Cub outfitted hunt in '02. Marks outfit was topnotch providing everything they said they would and then some. Honest friendly outfit with great employees.Flew over to take out meat every day but one, as they were fogged in. Filled 7 out of 8 tags(could have easily used the 8th tag). Saw 1500-2000 'bou. Not a lot of big bulls, but that's hunting. Can't go wrong using LCA.

Submit Date: Feb 13, 2005

Outfitter Review: Atkins Flying Service - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Ray Atkins

Hunter: Bruce Smith

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

Ray Atkins and all of his support staff are excellant. Ray has a vast knowledge of his hunting area. His outfit has the ability to cover any situation that may arise and his guides are extremely knowledgeable and hardworking. I killed a fine Dall ram on the second day of the hunt. We used horses on this hunt and they were well trained and easy to ride. His entire outfit is nothing short of first class. Hope to hunt grizzly with him sometime soon.

Submit Date: Dec 10, 2004

Outfitter Review: Woods Outfitting - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Wayne Woods

Hunter: Doug Shelly

Animals Hunted: Brown bear/Mountain goat

Wayne has a very comfortable tent camp which is very much needed in rainy Cordova. You will spend alot of days in camp due to bad weather. There are lots of goats and it's a real tough hunt. I killed a good goat and a great bear. Plan on gaining at least 5 lbs. on this hunt. The food is great.

Submit Date: Oct 7, 2004

Outfitter Review: Lake Clarke Air / Farm Lodge - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Glen Alsworth

Hunter: Curt

Animals Hunted: Caribou

I went there for a trophy caribou, and the biggest bull caribou was as big as a whitetail rack. I booked this "all inclusive" caribou hunt through Cabela's Outdoor Adventures. The area had allot of hunting pressure. I saw allot of bush aircraft constantly flying in and out of our hunt area (17B). I saw allot of animals, but nothing of quality. Nothing bigger than a whitetail deer rack!

Submit Date: Jul 13, 2004

Outfitter Review: Alaska Experience - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Jim Bailey

Hunter: Mark McCloskey

Animals Hunted: Grizzly

I hunted grizzly in Alaska from 7/5/04 through 7/9/04. The season is open year round due to the number of grizzlies. The bears were moving down to the river to eat the salmon. I took a 7 ft. boar and 2 other hunters took a 7 ft. and 9 ft. bear. The outfitter is a good person and is honest and trustworthy. I did hunt hard and took my bear the last afternoon of the hunt. These bears are not as big as the coastal brown bears as they are in the interior of Alaska (Talkeetna Mts.) The terrain is thick brush, the bugs are terrible this time of year but that is the price you must pay. From what I hear, it is a totally different hunt than the coastal brown bear hunt but as you can see above, they do take the occasional 9 ft. interior grizzly and that is a very large bear. This hunt is also not nearly as expensive as a coastal brown bear hunt. So, if you are looking for an interior grizzly hunt, you should definitely consider giving this outfitter consideration.

Submit Date: Jul 6, 2004

Outfitter Review: Halliday Air - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Terry Halliday

Hunter: Robert Jacks

Animals Hunted: Caribou

After flying out of Anchorage to Iliamna Airport, we stood on the runway for 30-40 mins. before someone finally drove up and asked "anyone here with Halliday?" After loading our gear onto the truck, we were hauled to and dumped off at the Iliamna Airport Hotel, where we were told "break down your gear, pack your extra bags and cases under the hotel", which was not secured, and where two hard-side gun cases and an extra stove disappeared from. After another 3 or 4 hours--we didn't get the "early flight" out--the cafe opened and we were able to get a bite to eat. After eating, there was another wait of 2+ hours before "our" plane arrived. After dealing with a rude/surly Cessna pilot, we were finally loaded and on our way, the two in the back seat with full 5 gallon gas cans for the Super Cubs on their laps--(and they don't allow propane on comm. fights--hah!) When we reached the drop/jump off area, we unloaded, then reloaded into the Cubs. To be honest, the Cub pilots,Mitch and Tom were the best..friendly, helpful and all-around great guys. We were asked what we were looking for (caribou,shelter,solitude) and flew quite a while before Mitch spotted a likely looking landing area, and after a couple of low speed, low level passes put us down, soft as could be. Mike, the early riser on day two, woke my brother and I with 2 quick (loud!) shots from his .338--a herd of small bulls and cows passed our camp at 100-125 yds., and Mike was done; 30 secs. into the hunt--1 cow, 1 bull, all while in his long-johns!! I was able to tag a bull later that day, thanx to my brother making a 3-4 mile hike and heading a herd my direction, my bull was shot about 3 pm....and that was the end of the Caribou, day 2. We saw one other small herd, a bull and 6 cows, about a mile to the east, but they drifted away without a shot at them. Finally, after 3 days had gone by (what-ever happened to the promised daily fly-by check and move, if needed??) Mitch & Tom dropped in to see how we were--they had been weathered in. (If you're planning your first trip, pay attention when you're told to "expect the unexpected"). We loaded the meat onto the cubs, Mitch returning later to take my brother out-solo-to another drop site in search of his 'bou. Mike and I then spent the longest 4 days of my life-stuck in camp, rained in, low on food-(I went hunting day 5, came back with two ptarmigan and a hatful of blueberries-delicious!!) We received no word how my brother was faring, was like we had been abandoned. Other charters were flying, ours wasn't. Finally, day 6, Tom and Mitch flew in, and after a hurried how ya doin', camp was broke and Mike and I were flown to a remote, deserted runway, can't remember the name of it, it's near a Native village and left there with word another plane would be by "soon" to pick us up. "Soon" turned into another 2 or 3 hours, but the plane did show and we were flown to Iliamna, where me met up with my brother--who had some "hella" stories of his own to tell. What put a real crusher on the trip was while we were waiting at the Iliamna Hotel for our return flight to Anchorage, one of Halliday's rep's came up to us and insisted one of us hadn't paid for our trip..unbelievable!! We were able to come up with receipts, etc.(glad they weren't in the gun cases that were stolen!) showing we all had indeed paid, but what a rotten way to end the trip! All in all, hunting is hunting and no one can guarantee you will see, let alone harvest, the animal(s) you're after...but what can be-or should be guaranteed-is that you and your partners be treated with professional,if not polite, and not surly, "show me the money" types.

Submit Date: Jun 10, 2004

Outfitter Review: Muskeg Excursions - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Johnnie Laird

Hunter: Donald Browning

Animals Hunted: Goat, Sitka Deer, Bear

I goat primarily with Johnnie's outfit in 2003. It's a physically difficult hunt, but I got my goat thanks to some great guiding. I scored early and relocated to POW, and killed two nice Sitka bucks. I'd recommend this hunt to anyone, provided they aren't expecting a valet, soft bed, and gormet meals..........

Submit Date: Feb 16, 2004

Outfitter Review: Bucking Horse Ranch - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Robert Hardy

Hunter: Robert L. Shuman

Animals Hunted: Mountain Grizzly

Spring 2002: Rob knew I had wanted to take my mountain grizzly with bow. We past up the first grizzly because it did not come within my archery range. I did have a rifle with me but decided not to shoot. This was on the 7th day of the hunt. On the 9th day we saw another which we stalked and I was able to take with the bow. It square less than 7 feet but will be in the Pope & Young record books soon. Rob is an excellent guide with a great family.

Submit Date: Feb 16, 2004

Outfitter Review: Bucking Horse Ranch - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Robert P. Hardy

Hunter: Bob Shuman

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

Oct. 2003: Although I did not take a mountain goat on this hunt, I did have opportunities but missed on both attempts. The goats were not cooperative. It was a great hunt with a very knowledgeable guide. The weather was cold but we did no receive enough snow to pushed the goats down to an elevation that would allow us to climb to and get back down safely during day light. I have already rebooked for the same hunt for 2004.

Submit Date: Feb 15, 2004

Outfitter Review: Woods Outfitting - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Wayne Woods

Hunter: Doug Shelly

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

We probably saw at least 60 different rams while we were hunting (probably 8 to 10 legal rams). They were not all accessible of course. We put a stalk on a 40" ram the first day but were busted by one of the 9 other rams that were in the group. On day 3 we stalked another 36" to 37" ram only to be busted again. On the evening of the 5th day we spotted 3 rams with 2 being shooters. We got up at 3:00 am the next morning a were able to make the stalk and harvest the 160 2/8" ram. I failed to mention that it rained for 5 days solid. This never stopped Wayne. He kept us at it everyday no matter what the weather. He is a class act that never quits! I have booked another sheep hunt with him in 2005 and I am hunting brown bear and goat with him this year. When you find a good thing you stick with it.

Submit Date: Feb 10, 2004

Outfitter Review: Woods Outfitting - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Wayne Woods

Hunter: Aaron Louks

Animals Hunted: Brown Bear and Moose

I hunted in western Alaska, with Woods Outfit. Everything that was promised was delivered. Saw a lot of game, and was fortunate enough to take an 8' grizzly and a 60" moose. That was all I had tags for.Blake Trangmoe was my guide, he was very professional and in excellent shape. Blake knew the area we were hunting very well and how to hunt it.Will be back for a coastal Brownie and hopefully a Dall sheep and goat.

Submit Date: Jan 5, 2004

Outfitter Review: Hidden Alaska Guides & Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Bowden

Hunter: Henry Passerini

Animals Hunted: Moose, grizzly

Did a wild Alaska River float hunt. A true adventure. Took a beautiful 55" bull, saw many others. Saw several grizzly but missed the shot.Excellent guide and first rate service. I highly recommend Mike Bowden. I will be going back with him one day.

Submit Date: Dec 29, 2003

Outfitter Review: Steve's Outdoor Adventures - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Steve West

Hunter: Caesar Fonte

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Steve does a very good job on this hunt(Spring Black Bear). The food and accomodations are great, I think I gained 10 pounds on Steak and fresh Crab. I shot a 400 LBS bear with 21 3/4 inch skull. We saw a real beast of a bear (Easy Boon and Crocket) but no chance to stalk and shoot. All four hunters in camp shot Bear's with the smallest measuring 20 1/2 inches. I highly recommend this hunt.

Submit Date: Dec 14, 2003

Outfitter Review: Lake Clark Air - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Mark Lang

Hunter: Rick Hardy

Animals Hunted: caribou, moose

I went with Lake Clark Air with my brother-in-law. He had used them on several previous occasions, but this was my first Alaska hunt. Two of our group of 4 were after moose and caribou, the other 2 caribou only. We ended up in separate camps because Mark said he had no areas that provided good opportunities for both species. He said the moose population was down, but he did have some located and put us in an area with moose. We sighted a good bull several times, but were not able to get a shot opportunity. We would have had a difficult time getting a moose out of the area where we found them, something to consider before you shoot. After 6 days of moose hunting, we decided to move to a caribou area. We moved to the camp where the other 2 hunters in our party were staying. They had already filled their tags, but my nephew lost his entire caribou (including the head) to bears or wolves. Another thing to keep in mind when hunting Alaska, very few places to get meat and trophies out of reach. Mark and his crew do a good job of checking on their drop camps often and seeing that their needs are met. We saw a lot of caribou and filled our tags with good bulls in 2 days. At his point I have to put in a plug for Mat Valley Meats in Wasilla, AK. They handled my meat processing and do an excellent job. They make the best pepperstick sausage I have ever eaten.

Submit Date: Nov 5, 2003

Outfitter Review: Northern Air Trophy - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Matt Owen

Hunter: Travis

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Had the guide service drop us in area with our own gear. We arrived in Kotz at the planned time and date and could not find anyone from the service untill noon the following day.We flew only 28 miles from town to the location where they just picked up hunters who shot 6 animals. Saw animals on drop day and first hunting day. Went 3 days with only seeing 30 animals total. Only flew over to check once in 6 daysCalled via sat phone for a move. Pilot said he would be out there later in the day. Broke camp and waited. Pilot didnt show. Called again next day. he dropped us off at a camp where annother group was packing up.

Submit Date: Oct 15, 2003

Outfitter Review: See Alaska with Jim H. Keeline, inc. - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Jim Keeline

Hunter: John Burke

Animals Hunted: mountain goat

Outfitter canceled hunt on fourth day of a ten day hunt. he kept payment in full and refused to provide even a partial refund for the time that was lost. the contract stated cancelation due to circumstances (weather) beyond control of outfitter will receive a full refund (clause #10). i only asked for a partial refund and was denied. i spent only 2 days on the mountain actually hunting and 2 days sitting in base camp. i did see one small goat that i elected to pass on. i paid $4,500 for a ten day hunt. as a result of the outfitters decision not to continue the hunt due to incoming bad weather (which never came) i incurred $500 extra expenses due to early unplanned departure (changing 2 plane tickets, hotel, charter flight, etc.). i have been on many guided hunts and have never had an outfitter quit on me like this. The guide, packer and myself all put out 100%, only to have the plug pulled on us. i do expect the contracted # of days paid for and agreed to in writing not for the outfitter to quit early and end his season. if anyone has any questions contact me i can provide 2 witnesses that were in camp and paid receipts for all expenses.if u don't want to be ripped off, *don't see alaska with jim h. keeline, inc.*john burke

Submit Date: Oct 9, 2003

Outfitter Review: Alaska Adventures - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Dan Montgomery

Hunter: john burke

Animals Hunted: dall sheep

this hunt took place in chugach state park, unit 14c, a lottery permit. shot a 155 b.c. ram. the outfitter was my guide and put out 110% at all times. also he is an excellent bush pilot, who has 2 planes , one on floats the other tundra tires. small operation, that has a 100% suuccess rate on sheep. if u do your part and keep up and dont miss, they will send u home with a sheep. he is the sheep terminator. excellent at field judging the animals, told me exactly what my sheep would score through a spotting scope one mile away.highly experienced. i plan on hunting with him again. he has many repeat customers, they are more than half his business.john burke

Submit Date: Sep 15, 2003

Outfitter Review: Iliamna Airguides - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Mark/Cindy Kneen

Hunter: Jim Groebner

Animals Hunted: Caribou

A great outfit to drop you off for Mulchatna area hunts. I was checked on every day, being delivered water and taking out meat. Saw lots of game, caribou, bear, wolf, some moose and a wolverine. Accomodations in cabins before and after the hunt were fine, showers, kitchen etc. Very nice and friendly, I will be going back every year!

Submit Date: Aug 30, 2003

Outfitter Review: Alaska Trophy Hunts - AK

Outfitter / Owner: George Palmer

Hunter: Keith A. Harrold

Animals Hunted: Grizzly/ Moose/Wolf

This hunt is everything you are told it will be. George is very experienced in this area. You should be in as good shape as possible. And area hunted will be vast and remote. No other hunters seen. The time I was in this area was the first time I have gone days without hearing a sound from the hand of man. Saw a couple nice bull moose took a 64 incher. Saw one much wider with this bull but opted for this one he had more points on palms. Did see a nice grizzly but she had cubs. Ended up filling my tag with a really nice Black Bear. On my last day of the hunt I also got a bonus Gray Wolf which I'm really happy with.

Submit Date: Aug 26, 2003

Outfitter Review: Deltana Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Ralph Miller/Jim Weidner

Hunter: Jim Bernardin

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I have just returned from a first rate dall sheep hunt with Deltana Outfitters. The Brooks Range of Alaska is unquestionably one of the most remote areas in North America. I took a beautiful 35-1/4"ram with 26" spread, in spite of horrendous weather. My guide, Billy Molls , was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to be around; absolutely a top notch man in all respects.I am an experienced hunter and have traveled extensively and been with some great outfitters. Deltana Outfitters is up there with the very best. Ralph and Jim go above and beyond to please their clients and I can recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. Be in the best shape possible; shoot straight and be prepared to tolerate some tough conditions in the field, and you will come home with a trophy ram.

Submit Date: Aug 20, 2003

Outfitter Review: Woods Outfitting - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Wayne Woods

Hunter: Doug Shelly

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I hunted with Wayne in Western Alaska in 2001 for Moose, Bear and Caribou. My Dall Sheep hunt with him in August of 2003 was outstanding. (I also have a brown bear and mountain goat combo planned for 2004.) He is an outstanding Master Guide that never over hunts his areas. He works harder and is more persistent than anyone I have ever hunted with. After 5 days of rain and more miles than I care to think about, we killed a 160" class ram on the 6th day. You can't go wrong with this guy. He is one of the best.

Submit Date: Aug 4, 2003

Outfitter Review: Deltana Outfitters - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Ralph Miller

Hunter: David M. Casten

Animals Hunted: Moose, Grizzly, Wolf

My hunt was in September of 2002. Ralph will see to your every need and wish. All equipment was top of the line and in excellent shape. All guides carry satelite phones just in case they are needed. My guide, Billy, was outstanding. Hunting was by motorized canoe, then climbing hills to glass and call. I saw 8 bull moose in the first 3 hunting days that ranged from 70"+ to 53". Wind spoiled 2 stalks that we tried on the 70"+ and a 65"+, so on the 4th hunting day, we stayed on our hill and I took a 62" bull that was just across the river. There were 2 grizzly and 1 black bear in the area, but all had cubs with them. The next morning, I took a grey wolf off the gut pile. The next morning I used my bear tag on a black wolf. Caught grayling for fun and a change in dinner. This was a great trip with outstanding guide service, scenery and wildlife.I highly recommend Deltana Outfitters and I have booked a sheep hunt for 2004 with them. I will also be booking a bear hunt for 2005.

Submit Date: Jul 19, 2003

Outfitter Review: North Country River Charters - AK

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Ohallaran

Hunter: Ryan

Animals Hunted: Moose/Bear

Bill the owner did offer us to come back for free. We decided not to because we did not see any bear or moose!!! Bill Ohallaran put a total of 19 hunters within a short distance of each other. He told us we shouldn't see any one. He lied and put several camps all within approx. 2 miles. DON'T BOOK A HUNT WITH THIS GUY.

Submit Date: Jul 16, 2003

Outfitter Review: Ellis Big Game Guides - Alaska

Outfitter / Owner: Cole Ellis

Hunter: Don Wingert

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

I hunted with Cole in August 2002. I cannot say enough good things about this experience. Cole and his family have been guiding in the area for 30+ years. Their integrity to offer a fair chase hunt cannot be surpassed. The guides give 110% effort in which I was able to harvest a 10 yr old ram. Cole's flying ability with a Super Cub, quality equipment, and honest delivery of service has few equals. The best endorsement I can provide is that I've booked another hunt with Cole for August 2003. Cole can be reached at 907-822-5312.

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