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Submit Date: Nov 3, 2014

Outfitter Review: Reynolds Outfitting - YT

Outfitter / Owner: Dan Reynolds

Hunter: Shawn Beers

Animals Hunted: Alaska-Yukon Moose

My father and I hunted moose with Dan Reynolds Outfitting in the first half of Oct 2014. Dan owns and operates concession 1 in Yukon Canada. We flew into Dawson Canada where Dan picked us up from the airport and then flew us into his base camp located within his hunting concession in one of his larger planes. From base camp Dan flew my father and I each into separate spike camps. Given that Dan does his own flying and has his own planes with spike camps all over his concession we were flown directly into spike camps that had been scouted ahead of time and were known to have good mature bull moose. This was a huge advantage over prior hunts I have been on where outfitters charter someone else to do their flying into hunting camps and realistically have limited ability to move hunters around within their concessions if animals have moved out of the area where they have placed their hunters. After experiencing the benefits of an outfitter that has his own planes allowing him to scout more effectively and move hunters around as needed - I will never again in the future book a guided hunt with an outfitter that outsources flying hunters into camps. Dan’s base camps / spike camps were clean and well maintained. All of Dan’s equipment was in good working order. Base camp is quite nice and has electric power from a diesel generator and also has a rock fireplace. Spike camps are basic but have everything that is necessary. Spike camps have wood burning stoves which was great given that I was hiking through snow all day and needed to hang up and dry my gear out at night. We experienced a lot of snow and nights were getting down into the teens. My guide was Spencer Wallace and my father hunted with a guide by the name of Gary.My area was scouted ahead of my hunt and known to have a good older bull that was hanging in a heavily wooded area. Knowing it would be difficult to get to the bull in the timber we decided to go after him anyway given that he was one of the larger bulls spotted during scouting ahead of my hunt. We ended up spooking him a few times in the timber while tracking him and I was not able to get a shot. The snow made the hiking conditions difficult and after spooking him twice I was doubtful we would be able to catch up with him in the snow. After two full days of tracking him in mountainous terrain through knee deep snow we caught up with him in the timber for a third time. Again -he saw us prior to us seeing him and was moving away through the trees but I was able to get a shot off and take a great Yukon moose. It was a quick off the shoulder shot at under 75 yards. My guides persistence and hard work ethic was key in us catching up with and taking this great moose. I had to work pretty hard to get this moose which makes him all the more special. My father also had challenging hunting conditions. He was hunting at a higher elevation with even more snow and in snowshoes. Because of the excessive snow not usually present in early to mid October Dan was able to put skis on one of his planes and fly my father into an area of the concession that is rarely hunted for moose. During pre hunt scouting Dan had spotted a good bull hanging up alone in a high mountain valley. While there were other bulls in the area, this was the best bull spotted so that was the bull my father and Gary set out for. The area the bull was hanging in was above timberline in the wide open. Because of the lack of cover dad and Gary had a long stock and were only able to get within around 350 yards of the bull. Dad had a good vantage point from up on the mountainside and able to get set up for a downhill shot and took a great bull. Dad’s moose is a nice all around bull with exceptional brow tines. Dan went the extra mile for both my dad and I by flying both our bulls out of the field without splitting the skulls given that we both wanted to do european mounts. Dads bull was too large to fit in the plane and had to be strapped to the wing to fly back to Dawson. The combination of the quality of animals, professionalism and work ethic of Dan and his guides is far superior to that of any other outfitted hunt my father or I have ever experienced. This was our second hunting trip to the Yukon. Our first trip to the Yukon was with a DIFFERENT OUTFITTER in fall of 2012. In eight full days of hunting in fall of 2012 with this other outfitter neither my father nor I harvested or even saw a moose. Between the fall 2012 hunt and this hunt with Reynolds outfitting I hunted a total of 11 full days in the Yukon to finally take my Yukon moose and my father hunted a total of 10 days in the Yukon to harvest his Yukon moose. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience I was able to share with my Dad. I would without hesitation recommend Reynolds Outfitting to anyone looking to do a moose hunt in the Yukon. I am including pictures of our moose in this review.

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Submit Date: Jan 16, 2013

Outfitter Review: Lone Wolf Outfitting Ltd. - Whitehorse YT

Outfitter / Owner: Craig Yakiwchuk

Hunter: Shawn Beers

Animals Hunted: Black Bear, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Caribou

My father, uncle and I hunted with Yukon outfitter Lone Wolf Outfitting (Yukon Concession number 19) owned and operated by Dirk Krumsiek, and son in law Manuel Baumann in about the third week of Sept of 2012. We were referred to Lone Wolf and booked through hunting consultant Duane Watlington of Watlington Outdoors LLC. Duane assured us that this “outfitter has excellent moose, caribou, and grizzly”. Each of us signed up for a one on one guided 8 day combo horseback hunt that allowed for moose, caribou, brown, or black bear and wolverine at a base cost of $15,500 each. In addition there were Trophy Fees -Grizzly $6000, Moose $3800, Caribou $3000, Black Bear $1600 and Wolverine $700 which according to the LoneWolf website and Duane Watlington would be payable AFTER the hunt. Contrary to that, we were then informed immediately prior to the Hunt that the Trophy Fees would be required in advance which resulted in our having to wire an additional $30,000.Before booking the hunt we were informed both by Duane Watlington and Lone Wolf owner Dirk Krumsiek in writing, that per the Hunting Regulations/Requirements in the Yukon, and per the Lone Wolf website, that each of us would each be hunting with our own guide (one on one hunts), and that each of the guides had prior hunting experience in the Yukon with Lone Wolf Outfitting. Upon arrival into base camp I was informed by the lead guide that I would be hunting with a guide that had never guided with Lone Wolf prior to this season, nor had he ever been to the Yukon prior to this season, and furthermore was not experienced enough to take a hunter out by himself. This meant that my father and I had to hunt together which was essentially a 2 on 2 hunt and not the one on one guided hunts paid for. We pointed out throughout the hunt that splitting up may improve our chances, as we were seeing virtually no game and each time we were advised that due to my guide not being experienced he was not able to guide on his own. After 8 full days (total of 24 hunter days) of hard hunting on horseback and walking, each day in a different area, neither my father nor I ever saw a single moose - bull / cow / or calf, nor did any of us ever see a single bear- black or brown. In 8 full days of hunting my uncle saw one immature bull moose and one immature bull caribou. In 8 full days of hunting my father and I saw a combined total of two mature bull caribou. Of the two caribou bulls one was a nice bull and I shot it. There was virtually no fresh sign anywhere and the handful of sheds we did see were many years old. We were advised by the guides that they had never experienced anything like this in their years of guiding – and confirmed that there had been no scouting of the area in advance of the season. In short between 3 hunters hunting 8 full days each- one bull caribou was harvested at an all in cost in excess of $60,000.On a positive note the two experienced guides were very professional and continued to hunt very hard and cover a lot of ground every day in an attempt to locate animals. Had we had a better hunt, which could have included even seeing animals, we would have easily overlooked the exceptionally poor quality and quantity of food and very marginal camp facilities, but that just added to our disappointment. While we are all experienced hunters and have been on a number of these types of hunts – with varying degrees of success - and understand why it’s called “hunting”, we all felt that this hunt was simply grossly misrepresented, based upon, 1.) our not having the one on one hunts promised/paid for, 2.) having a “guide” that lacked the knowledge/experience to guide independently, 3.) Lone Wolfs lack of scouting the area in advance which would have allowed them to select a different area within the Concession and 4.) misrepresentation of the timing of payment of Trophy Fees. In short, a poor hunt from start to finish - particularly at an all in cost of nearly $60,000. On return to Whitehorse we told Dirk and Manuel exactly how we felt and Dirk acknowledged that the hunt was not as represented and that something would be done to make it “right”. We also immediately advised Duane Watlington of our concerns who agreed with our assessment and assured us he would work with Dirk to come up with a resolution. We suggested to both Dirk and Duane that we felt a return hunt for the three of us at a $6200 discount per hunter would be fair (this discount would have represented aprox a 1/3 of the total cost of the hunt). Dirk ultimately responded with an offer of the three hunts at the suggested discount but with the ”condition” that he could put us in separate camps that may be horseback, boat or four wheeler hunts with other hunters. The effect of this would be that Dirk would not be giving us a “slot”/hunt of our own but could simply put us in a booked camp with other hunters - so that he was really not giving up anything. We declined that “opportunity” and reiterated our original request that we all return for our own horseback hunt/slot. These negotiations were all taking place through our hunting consultant - Duane Watlington as he was the one that recommended Lone Wolf and booked the hunt. After three months Duane has advised us that Dirk has sold the Outfitting Business and therefore wasn’t able/willing to do anything. While this was no great surprise given the lack of professionalism/ethics that Dirk and Manuel and LoneWolf had displayed to date, it still came as a surprise. Duane Watlington and Watlington Outdoors certainly shares the blame as we relied on he and his representations to find the right Outfitter and ultimately make certain that the Outfitter delivered on its promises/representations- in this case Duane did neither successfully. We’ve tried to represent the facts in this review and hope those looking for a Yukon hunt learn from our experiences. We have provided a copy of this review to Dirk and Manuel at Lone Wolf Outfitting and also to Duane Watlington (booking agent) of Watlington Outdoors and have received no response. If anyone would like more information, or if Dirk Krumsiek, Manuel Baumann or any representatives from Lone Wolf Outfitting, Or Duane Watlington or Watlington Outdoors would like to respond to anything contained herein please contact me at my listed email address.

Submit Date: Sep 28, 2009

Outfitter Review: Widrig Outfitting - Yukon Territory

Outfitter / Owner: Chris Widrig

Hunter: Jim Bernardin

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep/Mountain Caribou

Chrtis Widrig guided me personally and it was a great experience. Chris is the "real deal"as the saying goes.He has over 30 years experience and a bush pilot and guide in the Canadian wilderness. He has survived a grizzly bear attack and still has no reservations about guiding in bear country.I took a 37-1/4 broomed dallram and a very nice mountain caribou on this hunt.It is true wilderness country, located 137miles fromthe nearest road.First rate people all the way.Chris'wife, Joanne, is a great cook!

Submit Date: Aug 31, 2006

Outfitter Review: Bonnet PLume Outfitters - Yukon Territory

Outfitter / Owner: Chris/Sharron Mckinnon

Hunter: Michael Moore

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

Went to Bonnet Plume with high expetations and was blown away with the amount of sheep I seen and was done the first day and harvested a awesome ram with a 41" curl. Chris & Sharron are very organized with every thing they do at Bonnet Plume . They also have big Caribou and huge Yukon moose there in there consession. look them up on the web for more info and pictures.

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