Wyoming I Saw

Wyoming I Saw



I've used the Wyoming Saw for several years, primarily for cutting bone/field dressing and quartering of animals in the field. It is very light to carry. It takes down and packs up in a minute or so and is easily reconstructed. I've mainly used the bone blade, and it is sharp and tough. I've sawed through a number of pelvic bones, breastbones, leg/arm bones and spines with this blade and I'm still on the original one. It doesn't seem to have dulled significantly and still works great.

It's particularly great for taking on a pack-in wilderness hunt, and it beats using a knife on bone in every way. Save your knife for skinning and meat cutting, use this saw for cutting any bone. I haven't used the wood cutting blade, but I'm sure it would be real handy for use around camp.

I highly recommend this saw.


Light, easy for packing, strong/durable



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