Wisconsin Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

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Submit Date: Jan 18, 2015

Outfitter Review: Superior Guides & Outfitters Inc. - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Noskoviak

Hunter: Scott Clifton

Animals Hunted: not specified

Squared away outfitter. Mike will make sure you are moved if you are not on an active bait. I killed a big bear on the last evening of my hunt. Friendly crew and I can't wait to draw the tag again.

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Submit Date: Aug 22, 2010

Outfitter Review: Superior Guides & Outfitters Inc. - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Noskoviak

Hunter: Bill Lyons

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

I have bowhunted for trophy whitetail with Mike Noskoviak twice and both times were a high quality experience. He is a very knowledgeable outfitter that has stands placed throughout the huge Bad River Indian Reservation. It is just like hunting Canadian bush without leaving the US. It is dark to dark stand hunting at its best. The biggest buck that you may ever see in your life could step out into your setup at any time of the day. The buck to doe ratio is to be 1 on 1 but I have seen more bucks than does on each trip there. Weather plays a big part on what kind of week you will have. I was successful on the last minutes of the last day on my first bowhunt, shooting a very nice 140's, 10 point. The second time there I saw 28 bucks in 6 days on stand with the last one being the buck of a lifetime. He had wrist size main beams with lots of long tines!!! He worked his way in to a perfect 20 yard broadside shot and I missed the vitals. Opportunities are available for a great hunt so do not hesitate to contact Mike and book yours.

Submit Date: Sep 24, 2009

Outfitter Review: TnT Outfitters - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Todd/Tammy Edinger

Hunter: Chris Herlinger

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

After waiting eight years to draw a tag I hunted bear with Todd in September of 2009 and took a 300 lb. boar. He has a great pack of dogs and maintains many baits in order to have a place to start his dogs. He operates in a bear rich area. I got my bear on opening day and saw five other bears crossing roads as we checked baits that same day. Once a bear is treed he gives you the option if you want to take the bear or try for another. He runs a small operation and does not book too many hunters like some other bear outfitters will do.

Submit Date: Dec 14, 2008

Outfitter Review: High Tines Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Cory Mielke

Hunter: Marty Swindall

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

I have been hunting for 38yrs. and this is the first time I have never seen a deer on opening day.Out of the four days of hunting I saw 11 deer,3 were bucks and they didnt make it out past their ears. I was able to take my doe. However because of their earn a buck program I personally believe this program may be hurting their state. Out of 11 hunters only 1 buck was taken, I'm not sure if he would make 120 inches.

Submit Date: Nov 27, 2008

Outfitter Review: High Tines Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Cory Mielke

Hunter: James Snow

Animals Hunted: WHITETAIL


Submit Date: Feb 4, 2008

Outfitter Review: Devil's Creek Guide Service - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Joe Klug

Hunter: Rick Mattes

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Hunted 5 days with the guy. Was put on so-called "active" baits. Put in 47 hrs on stand in 5 days and caught a glimpse of a single bear passing through the woods, that's it! Guide did not hold up his end of bargain as far as putting clients first and foremost. Many nights I had to find my way out of unfamiliar woods myself. He's a farmer that talks a good game, but will not return calls when you are a dissatisfied customer.

Submit Date: Jan 22, 2008

Outfitter Review: Northern Wisconsin Outfitters - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Foss

Hunter: dick luchsinger (usn retired)

Animals Hunted: Bear & whitetail Deer

This is by far the best guided hunt I have ever experenced. I've had guided hunts in maine and michigan with maine having a bad experence and michigan with four hunts comming in at avarage or a bit above but the hunt with Mike Foss being a five star operation as far as I saw it. I would highly recomend the NorthernWisconsinOutfitters (northwiout@att.net) for both bear and deer. I hunted with all my guides and out fitters with bow. Bear hunt in 2007 was 17 hunters 16 bear - don't know how the one didn't conect.

Submit Date: Dec 4, 2007

Outfitter Review: Buck Connection - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Dave Peil

Hunter: gary cernan

Animals Hunted: whitetail deer

This could be a very long story, but I will keep it short. I will say this, if you are a friend of Dave's or a offer him extra money you may have a good hunt. I and a number of others paid what he asked for and we all got the shaft. He over booked and then he said he found another cabin for us to stay in, not the one we already had our gear in and cloths unpacked in. He had one of his "guides" lead us to the other cabin 25 miles away from his farm. I think by the way it looked the must have just took the tractor out of it and put in some beds earlier that day. Opening day we got to hunt some farm he leased and put up a few stands on, no shooting lanes, and only a few pieces of orange marker to find your way, 2 of the 5 guys got lost looking for their stand sites, the guide never stepped foot into the woods. 5 guys 4 days of hunting and only 2 deer were taken, and don't worry we had to help each other drag out the deer the guide was not seen after day 1. When we drove to his farm to complain we stopped and talked to a few hunters at his barn and we found out that they were filming for a T.V. show and they were the only ones allowed on his farm to hunt, they did have a couple of nice deer hanging. When asked if they pay for their hunt they said yes, they quoted a price that was higher than what we paid for by a 1000.00 dollars per person, they also said they pay big money for big bucks, I beleive what they said. Do yourself a favor stay away from this guy, I learned the hard way, don't let the same happen to you. One last thing, at a store in Mondovi the manager said Buck Connection had pictures on their web site of people that didn't hunt there, but were friends the owner.

Submit Date: Mar 8, 2007

Outfitter Review: Buffalo County Outfitters - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Scott Kirkpatrick

Hunter: Mike Origoni

Animals Hunted: Whitetail deer

Scott recently acquired this established business from Ted Marum, who assisted with guiding this past Fall. Saw good numbers of deer, with 4-140 class bucks being killed. I hunted from October 30-November 3, 2006. Bucks were tending does and the remaining does were skittish. BCO is an excellent outfit to hunt with, awesome ground; the waterholes were the productive standsites. However, Wisconsin had the EAB rule in effect and several bowhunters had to let bucks walk because they didnot have their EAB tag filled. This is no reflection on the outfitter, but poor thinking on the State's part, requiring paying clients to kill a doe in 5 days of hunting BEFORE you can get a crack at those bruiser bucks Buffalo County in known for. Highly recommend this outfitter.

Submit Date: Feb 24, 2007

Outfitter Review: Superior Guides & Outfitters, Inc. - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Noskoviak

Hunter: Dale Gaugler

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

I have bowhunted with Superior Guides the past 3 years and am booked for 2007 & 2008. They hunt the interior of the Bad River Indian Reservation where Mike Noskoviak, the owner, owns over 800 acres of private land in pockets throughout the Reservation. The Indians hunt at night by spotlight or just park on the roads and shoot right down the road. All of this is legal for them and what happens is they really keep the buck to doe ratio in line. I know that they shot 2 190 plus bucks in 2005 by spotlight which makes you sick to think about it, but again it is legal for them and it does show what quality deer exist there. This is pure stand hunting and if you listen to what Mike tells you and you follow his instructuions, you stand a great chance of sticking an arrow in a quality buck. A lot of the ways Mike hunts are totally opposite the way we hunt in PA. Mike will tell you not to put out doe-in-heat as it scares them away. Hunters don't listen and then complain when they are not seeing big bucks. The bucks come in WITH the wind or QUARTERED into the wind which again is oppoiste of hunting at home in PA. When you are placed in your stand in the morning, the wind is the main factor as to where you are placed. The bucks are very, very vocal and all 3 bucks that I shot, I heard before I saw them. What an experience! It has been warm the past 3 years, but if you put your time in the tree, you should get an opportunity. There were 5 of us in camp this past year (2006) and 4 of us had opportunity. I arrowed a 160 at 20 yards broadside this past year, which was the best of the 3 I shot, but I got him low through the brisket and although we put Mike's tracking dog on it the next day, we couldn't recover it. You have to enjoy stand hunting from dark to dark as I love to do, if this is your kind of hunting, this is an excellent hunt for you.

Submit Date: Jan 11, 2007

Outfitter Review: Bremer Creek - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Brian Bremer

Hunter: mike giber

Animals Hunted: whitetail

Bremer Creek is provides a good hunt. If you are looking for a real hunt on a real farm with a good chance at nice deer, then you will like it there. Brian does not do this as a full time job, he is just a farmer/truck driver with approx. 700 acers loaded with nice deer. If I was a better hunter I would have taken more 130+ class deer. My next hunt is already paid for in advance if that tells you anything.

Submit Date: Oct 30, 2006

Outfitter Review: Superior Guides and Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Noskoviak

Hunter: Shane Wheeles

Animals Hunted: Whitetail deer

This was perhaps the worst trophy whitetail bowhunt that I've ever been on as far as quality of game sighted. We had 6 hunters in camp and only 3 bucks were seen and one buck(120 class) taken during the 6 days of hunting. We sit all day on stands from daylight to dark with very little success. Mike stated the buck doe ratio was 1 to 1 but I saw anywhere from 2-13 does per day and no bucks. Not sure if was to early or what. He stated a 95% shot oppurtunity rate on whitetail bucks...not that week...overall, I was dissappointed that didn't see any bucks but that's the way it goes.

Submit Date: Oct 30, 2006

Outfitter Review: Heritage Hunt Club - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Cate Dellin

Hunter: Dudley Pierce

Animals Hunted: Phesants/ Chukars

Outstanding cover and facilities for a weekend "dog"outing. They have a very comfortable farm house for lodging with full facilies and will cater meals if you don't want to cook. Bill really knows customer service and for a warm up for out west, it scored 100%! Also offers sporting clays so the hunter can warm up as well!

Submit Date: Oct 16, 2006

Outfitter Review: T.G.I.F Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Bob Botz

Hunter: Jim Koerber

Animals Hunted: Fishing/Hunting

He seems to be more of a fishing guide. As far as whitetail hunting, Im not sure he new much about it. His locations for stands were horrible, no tracks, or any other signs. He has no stands, had to use blinds or sit on a bucket, but on his website, he talks about his stands.

Submit Date: Jan 23, 2006

Outfitter Review: Deerbrook - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Keith Kavajecz

Hunter: Boris Rubio

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Keith makes it a point to make sure that you get what you are coming for and that you are having a good time. He provide top notch Whitetail Hunting, guiding, food and lodging. The deer are very challenging to hunt and you will always be on your toes. I took a nice 120" class deer and my buddy scored on a dandy 150" class deer. I will most definetly recommend Keith to anyone looking for a nice whitetail hunt. You can reach him @ www.deerbrookgamefarm.com

Submit Date: Jan 10, 2006

Outfitter Review: Buffalo County Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Ted Marum

Hunter: Charlie Boden

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Ted Marum is a deer hunter that provides a service as he would like to have if he was going on a trip. Ted makes every effort to accommodate your needs. You make your breakfast & lunch(everything is provided). Then when you come back to camp at night Aunt Mary(Teds Aunt)puts some spread out. Jen (Teds wife)makes Killers desserts & chili too. To end this they are great people and I would highly recomend this hunt for the serious Bowhunter

Submit Date: Oct 18, 2005

Outfitter Review: Buffalo County Outfitters - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Ted Marum

Hunter: John O'Donnell

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Hunt was in late Sept,and deer movement was at a minimum. Guides worked hard to find deer. Stand sets over waterholes were well placed and will offer great oppurtunities during the pre rut chase and rut. QDM practiced and the quality of deer seen was outstanding. Ted Marum is a deer hunter and really knows the game. When he speaks you should listen. I will be back during the chase phase next year.

Submit Date: Jan 20, 2004

Outfitter Review: Superior Guides & Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Mike Noskoviak

Hunter: Mike Veine

Animals Hunted: white-tailed deer

This was perhaps the best trophy whitetail bowhunt I've ever been on (and I've been all over North America). Everbody in camp had oportunities to shoot monster bucks and everybody saw Booner class animals. It was a hard hunt though with all day vigils on stand being required for optimum sucess. The body size of those northern Wisconsin bucks was impressive. The buck doe ratio was 1 to 1 and we saw about 5-10 deer per day. Most of the bucks were saw were mature.

Submit Date: Oct 2, 2003

Outfitter Review: Bruce Wendt Guide Service - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Bruce Wendt

Hunter: Chad Wetherspoon

Animals Hunted: Bear

I paid for a guide to show me how to hunt bears. Bruce went did show me several locations and provided bait but I did all the leg work. Once Bruce recieved my final check he avoided me. When I did contact him his converstations would be brief and he would state contact me tomorrow. This happened every day. Bottom Line, Bruce Wendt is a a master at minimizing guide services, telling people dreamy stories and decetfull lies by knowing the minimum amount of effort he may do and possibly get away with it. Bruce Wendt has taken on to much business, loves to collect the money, but can not service all his clients.

Submit Date: Oct 27, 2002

Outfitter Review: Bluff Country Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Indrebo

Hunter: Cory Smith

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

This is a first class archery whitetail outfit...Tom Indrebo is one of the nations experts when it comes to whitetail deer...Stands are comfortable and strategically placed on approximately 3500 acres...There are an estimated 175 stands...Though I did not harvest a buck, it was truely an excellent hunt...Lots of great food, great people and ample sightings of deer.

Submit Date: Sep 21, 2002

Outfitter Review: Bluff Country Outfitters - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Indrebo

Hunter: Mike Miller

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

I had always heard Tom was one of the top deer experts in the country, and can honestly say I would have to agree. My hunt took place Sept 14 - 18, 2002. While I did not take a deer, it was, I feel do to a number of conditions beyond Tom's control. The main thing I felt detracted from big buck sightings was the tremendous acorn crop this year. Deer were just not moving to the fields to eat before it got dark. Tom is a hard working outfitter, who will go out of his way to accomodate his hunters needs. He has LOTS of stands (100+) on over 4000 acres some of which he owns, the balance of which is leased. I went away feeling that I had a very high quality, fair chase bowhunt. I have rebooked with Bluff Country for the 2004 season, and cannot wait. This is truly big buck nirvana.

Submit Date: Dec 21, 2001

Outfitter Review: Bluff Country Outfitters - Wisconsin

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Indrebo

Hunter: Shane Hoover

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Before our trip, Tom failed to tell me the first 2 days of gun season were shotgun or muzzleloader only. Stands were uncomfortable and nearly impossible to get into. Saw numerous people while sitting on stands. Saw maybe 10 deer in 4 days of hunting.

Submit Date: Nov 7, 2001

Outfitter Review: Red Brush Hunting Camp - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Butch Doers

Hunter: Mike Albitz

Animals Hunted: Pheasant

Excellent overall experience. Guide was very personable and knowledgeable. Hunting cabin fine for 2-3 guys.

Submit Date: Oct 8, 1999

Outfitter Review: Wilderness Guide Service - WI

Outfitter / Owner: Paul St Claire

Hunter: Paul Tambe

Animals Hunted: whitetail deer

This was the worst hunt I have ever been on. The hunt was very reasonable and I'll tell you why.There was only the owner to guide 17 of us. He would drop us off and pick us up. Very often he would forget to pick up someone at dark. There were only two small bucks shot and few deer sighted. The hunt was suppose to be for 4 days but on the 4th day he told us we had to be out of our cabins by 5 am so no one got to hunt the last day. Finally the land we hunted on was public land. This was really a rip off.

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