Scott Caliper Release

Scott Caliper Release



I've been seriously bowhunting over 10 years, and in that time I've used 3 different brands of releases, all calipers. The first one was a "Wal-Mart" typical release that wasn't a bad release, but eventually broke down. The second was another "Wal-Mart" release (different than the first) and it broke down real quick, it was a piece of junk. Then I decided to spend a little more money and get a good release. My local archery shop said that Scott releases were as good as they get, so I got one. That was about 5 years ago. I'm still using the same release. It's a quality product, no doubt.

After several years and several thousand shots, the trigger started getting a little loose on me, but all I had to do to fix it was to tighten a set screw and it was good as new again. After a long time, it does squeak a little bit when pivoting, but it's nothing a little bit of gun oil won't fix.

I've taken a number of animals while using this release and have never had a false or premature fire or a problem of any kind. I give it a high recommendation. A camo version of this release is also made.


Durable, strong, reliable



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