If you're looking for quality big game guide training and skills, look no farther!If you are looking for quality big game guide training and skills, look no farther!

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Royal Tine Guide and Packer School

Royal Tine Guide and Packer SchoolWelcome to the Royal Tine Big Game Guide and Packer School.elcome to the Royal Tine Big Game Guide and Packer School.

If you're looking for quality big game guide training and skills, look no farther! We have been training guides, packers, hunters and adventurers for over a decade. Many of our past students now operate their own outfitting businesses. A few more are trying their hand at instructing and operating other guide schools. So, it is obvious to us, that we have done a good job over the years and are a benchmark that many try to emulate.

A job in the outfitting and guiding industry is one of the most exciting and self-satisfying careers today. Backcountry hunting recreation is growing at an amazing rate, and so is the need for qualified guides. Our school offers only the best and most thorough training and job placement for big game guides and packers. We also offer separate training and schooling for fly fishing and camp cooking.

Our guide school is located in the foothills of the Anaconda Pintlar Wilderness 17 miles outside of Philipsburg, Montana. It consists of a wall tent camp similar to the one you will see while guiding for backcountry outfitters. Philipsburg is settled in the Sapphire Mountains of western Montana. We have lived our lives hunting, fishing, packing, guiding, camping and hiking in these incredible mountains.

Royal Tine Guide and Packer SchoolYou will receive instruction in the following four areas: horsemanship/horseshoeing, horse and mule packing, outdoor/woodsmanship skills, and guide/hunting skills. Experts are provided in specialty areas to give you the benefits of a wide range of experience. The last part of the class will be spent on a 6 day pack trip where you will put your new knowledge and skills to use.

So, what sets Royal Tine apart from the other guide schools out there? We were born and raised in this environment and pass on the lifelong experience of guiding and packing to you. Our instructors are seasoned guides that work in the business today. We limit the enrollment of our classes to provide more personal instruction. Our location is deep in the heart of prime recreation country. Elk, deer, and great fishing as well as other wildlife are literally a step a way. Our camp is the real thing, not some old barn in the back forty of someone’s private residence. We also hold an excellent reputation with employing outfitters. Our guides are in demand. All of our qualified graduates get job placement with some of the best outfits in the west. Lastly, we extend our integrity and promise to you that we will do everything we can to make your stay enjoyable, your learning fun and fulfilling and your next job, as a guide, be as rewarding as possible.

If you've ever had the desire to be a wilderness outfitter, a big game hunting guide, a packer, a camp cook, or to simply learn how to better enjoy the traditional outdoors, then come join us in Montana and the Rocky Mountains for the time of your life!

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