Garmin ETrex GPS Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 22, 2001

Product Information

Manufacturer: Garmin

Model: ETrex

Product Type: GPS

Purchase Price: $119

Testing Information

Time Tested: 40 hours

Testing Conditions: clear and cloudy

Temperature Range: 50-90

Testing Terrain: Flat thick woods

Testing State: WI

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Henry Etteldorf

Recommended: Yes

The Gramin ETrex is a great entry level or basic GPS. Its price is perfect for someone who want the basic features. No maps. But in the woods you don't need no stinking maps (although topo maps would be great). It is small, easy to use, and is very water resistant. Great to put in a pant pocket and take along with you to mark rubs etc and find your way back to the truck. It works great in telling you where you are in relation to someplace else. Like your truck, tree stand, or blind. It records tracks so you can walk to your stand without braking trail through the potholes ... Simple one handed use. Tells you where you are to about 20 feet. In thick cover can take a couple of minutes to fix to 30 feet or better but if you can't figure out how to go the extra 30 feet you shouldn't be in the woods. The newer models of the ETrex have enhanced features and should be looked at if you want to spend more.

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