Hoyt Magna Tec Compound Bow Product Review Details

Review Date: Jul 26, 2000

Product Information

Manufacturer: Hoyt

Model: Magna Tec

Product Type: Compound Bow

Purchase Price: $449.95

Testing Information

Time Tested: 4 hrs

Testing Conditions: indoors

Temperature Range: 75

Testing Terrain: indoors

Testing State: La.

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Stuart Talbot

Recommended: yes

I had been out of bowhunting for about 5 years. I wanted to get back into it, but wanted to update my equipment. The archery shop I went to had a good selection of bows, including Mathews, Jennings, Bear, Golden Eagle and Hoyt, among others. They also had a good selection of used bows at the time.I bought the Hoyt Magna-Tech package. It has the Intruder limbs and command cams. It's a dual cam bow. It came with sights, a Microtune 1000 rest (TM Hunter style), quiver and 6 Beman ICS 400 Hunter arrows.The bow was easy to sight in with the quality sights that came with it. Not much bow shock. My biggest problem with it was that the rest appeared to me to sound like a rifle going off upon release. I first put a neoprene pad on the shelf. That quieted it down a little. Then I put a Doinker Chubby Hunter stabilizer on it. Even better. I then put one pair of Limb Savers on it. Much better, but not good enough for me. So, I bought a Tiger Tuff Sure Shot 1000 rest and put it on. Much quieter!The bow is accurate and comfortable for me to shoot. It's got a 38 5/8 inch axle to axle length, and I've got it set for a 29" draw length. At a 65 lb. draw weight, the arrows are flying at about 271 fps as checked through a chronograph.I would highly recommend this bow to anybody, entry level or experienced. I don't think for the money, I could have gotten a better bow. There are lighter ones and faster ones out there, but I didn't feel the need for them. Perhaps one day, I'll pick up a single cam, since I'm a noise freak, and they appear to be inherently quieter. But for the time being, I plan to stick with this one. We'll see what happens when deer season opens!I plan to review the Tiger Tuff rest for ya'll after I've spent more time with it!

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