Alaska Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack Bino pack/harness Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 29, 2012

Product Information

Manufacturer: Alaska Guide Creations

Model: Bino Chest Pack

Product Type: Bino pack/harness

Purchase Price: $60

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1 week

Testing Conditions: snowing

Temperature Range: -5C

Testing Terrain: rolling hills

Testing State: British Columbia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Nolan

Recommended: YES!

I looked at all other bino packs, and this is the best. The thing that I'm not impressed with in most bino harnesses is that they pull on the binos when lifting and they donít really protect the binos from the elements. Most bino packs are made with noisy materials that can scare game. The Alaska Guide Creations pack is great for hard-core hunters and bow hunters! It has waterproof fleece on the outside, and more fleece on the inside for the quietest bino pack on the market. It is well designed, comfortable, and made in the USA. It has 4 extra pockets with quiet zippers for holding your rangefinder, headlamp, GPS, maps or whatever else. There is even a large model that can handle binos up to 15 x 56. These were originally designed by the owner 30 years ago for him to use while guiding in Alaska. You can contact Jaret Owens, the designer and owner, and have one shipped to you. He even likes to talk to his customers. Tell him Nolan sent you. His website is also has great prices on optics like Minox, Vortex, Swarovski, Leica, and Zeiss.

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