Barnes TSX Bullet Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 22, 2012

Product Information

Manufacturer: Barnes

Model: TSX

Product Type: Bullet

Purchase Price: similar to any premium bullet

Testing Information

Time Tested: 12 years and counting

Testing Conditions: rain, snow, sun, cloud

Temperature Range: -20C to 30C

Testing Terrain: mountains, hills

Testing State: British Columbia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Nolan

Recommended: YES!

100% weight retention, and one shot kills almost every time! Barnes TSX open up very quickly and reliably into 4 sharp petals. Being all copper, they are very strong and hold together once opened, even if they hit solid bone. I've shot about 20 deer (up to 300+ lb.), blackbear, and a moose. Only 1 deer ran about 60 yds. and a bear went about 30 yds. All the rest dropped where they were! I have only recovered 1 bullet that looked like it went through ballistic gel after slamming through a whitetail's chest and almost exiting out it's rear end! You don't get much wasted meat either because the bullets don't fragment like all other lead bullets do.

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