Stoney Point Compact Shooting rest Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 22, 2012

Product Information

Manufacturer: Stoney Point

Model: Compact

Product Type: Shooting rest

Purchase Price: $30-$45

Testing Information

Time Tested: 3 years

Testing Conditions: rain, sun, snow, cloud

Temperature Range: -10C to 30C

Testing Terrain: rolling hills, mountains

Testing State: British Columbia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Nolan

Recommended: YES

Amazing bipod! Only 10 oz. and extends from 16" to 38" in seconds. I carry it on my daypack and I can have it ready to shoot very quickly.I bought one of these a few years ago and I love it because it steadies my rifle like a shooting rest, and it makes long range shooting seem easy. I took a nice white-tail buck last season over 300 yards. Quartering away, I was able to put the Barnes bullet through the vitals. The bullet just caught the liver and went right through the far lung, just behind the far shoulder. No mess, and no wasted meat. I just bought one for my 14 year old daughter. Without any experience shooting rifles, she is already shooting 1 1/2" groups at 100 yards. This bipod is awesome and it definately makes shooting easier. It is made to be lightweight, so be a little gentle with it. But I've had no trouble with it.

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