Eezox Synthetic Eezox Premium Gun Care Gun Care (CLP) Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 21, 2012

Product Information

Manufacturer: Eezox

Model: Synthetic Eezox Premium Gun Care

Product Type: Gun Care (CLP)

Purchase Price: varies with size

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1 year

Testing Conditions: rain, snow,sun, cloud

Temperature Range: -5C to 30C

Testing Terrain: mountains

Testing State: British Columbia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Nolan

Recommended: YES

After a season of deer hunting, I'm ready to give a review of Eezox Gun Care. I cleaned and lubed my rifle (not stainless) back in the summer. The first thing I noticed was how the Eezox dries and doesn't rub off like oil. There is no oily residue and no fingerprints the day after using it. I test fired it and found that the Eezox in the bore didn't change the point of impact of the bullet, even on the first shot. That's great because the bore is protected from moisture without affecting the bullet like other gun lubes can. This year, I hunted long and hard, spending some days out in the elements all day. At least 4 or 5 days had some precipitation, and my rifle would be wet for many hours. My rifle looks great with no signs of rust, and operates smoothly after only one treatment and hunting in all kinds of weather for a whole season. I also like how it dries odour free. There’s a bit of odour coming from the action where it can't completely dry, but it smells like wheat or grass and shouldn’t alert game.I'm looking forward to next year when hopefully I can go backpacking for Bighorns in the Rockies again. I won't have to worry about my rifle ever again, even with the weather the mountains can throw and staying in a damp tent.Here are some corrosion tests that show how good Eezox works for rust protection.

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