Remington Model 700 ADL 30.06 Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Apr 2, 2009

Product Information

Manufacturer: Remington

Model: Model 700 ADL 30.06

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: $400.00 Used

Testing Information

Time Tested: 2

Testing Conditions: Sunny.

Temperature Range: 30-60

Testing Terrain: Flat

Testing State: Colorado

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Paul

Recommended: Yes

This gun is spectacular! I love it even though I bought it used since its 2009 now, and they quite making them in 2004. Was in excellent condition and a deal I couldn't miss. I was looking for a .308 but went for this ought six. This baby can drive in nails at 100 yards, no lie. After sighting in the first scope with 5 shots then bought a new Bushnell Banner Scope took a while since mom knocked it down while I was heading out to sight in the new scope. havn't hunted with it yet but look forward to. I recommend any model 700. Don't regret buying it.

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