Savage 110 series 30.06, left hand Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Mar 2, 2008

Product Information

Manufacturer: Savage

Model: 110 series 30.06, left hand

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: 569.99

Testing Information

Time Tested: 20 hours

Testing Conditions: good weather

Temperature Range: 65 degrees average,

Testing Terrain: mountains & shooting range

Testing State: California

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Mathew

Recommended: To anybody looking for a great

I honestly purchased this rifle because it was the most affordable left handed bolt action rifle I could find. But low and behold I have been blown away by the performance of this rifle. I quickly removed the Simmons Blazer rifle scope from the rifle. And replaced it with a Burris Fullfield II riflescope that I could afford. When we originally sighted in the rifle the front scope ring was loosening we where unable to get any grouping better than 6" with it lose. Make sure you use Loctite and retighten bases that came with the rifle if you intend to keep them. Loctite the ring regardless weather you intend to keep this scope or not. The original Bases and rings did turn out to function just fine once we tightened them down. I used that Simmons Blazer scope on a M1 .30 carbine it is a better scope than I thought. NOW THAT THIS RIFLE IS EQUIPPED THE WAY I LIKE IT. I TOOK IT TO THE RANGE AGAIN TO SIGHT IN IN ON THE MONEY. THIS GUN USUALLY SHOOTS THREE ROUNDS INTO 1 WHOLE AT 200 YARDS. AND NEVER SENDS ANY FLYERS OUT PAST 1.5" AWAY, EVERY BULLET FIRED FROM THIS RIFLE SENSE WOULD HAVE KILLED A DEER. ULTIMATELY THIS IS A SUB MOA RIFLE. THAT OUT PERFORMS MY FAMILY'S WINCHESTERS, REMINGTONS, AND ALL BUT PERHAPS ONE OF OUR BROWNINGS A-BOLTS, AND OUR SAVAGE 99'S. SAVAGE RIFLES AREN'T HIGHLY POLISHED, WITH HIGH END WALNUT RIFLE STOCKS. BUT THE ARE MADE TO SHOOT STRAIGHT, VERY STRAIGHT. *Savage model 110 bolt action rifle 30-06 *Burris Fullfeild II riflescope *Leupold two piece bases and standard rings *Hornady light mag. 165 grain Interbond

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