Taurus Raging BEE Revolver Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 21, 2007

Product Information

Manufacturer: Taurus

Model: Raging BEE

Product Type: Revolver

Purchase Price: 800.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 3 Days

Testing Conditions: Overcast

Temperature Range: 78 DEd F

Testing Terrain: Flat range

Testing State: NJ

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: J.Michael

Recommended: Make you're decision

I have two Raging Bulls I am very happy with In 480 and 454 so it is easy to figure out why I went for the Raging Bee when it came out. Out of the box with 100 Rds of new ammo it was binding and VERY hard to extract. I shot most ammo single shot so not to damage the gun. Accuracy was bad. I sent the gun back to Taurus and they kept it over 3 months and returned it with a new cylinder and a letter that stated that, To get better accuracy in the 218 Bee we machine the cylinder in a way that makes the spent brass non-reloadable. If this bothers you we suggest you don't buy the gun. WELL I am a reloader and it is about the only reason I bought the gun. I was upset that this warning was not in any GUN review I read , The owners manual or website. Taurus does recommend factory ammo only. 218 BEE brass is 30.00 a 100 so this is a very expensive gun to shoot. I wrote this to let people know what I wish I knew. If You want to save some money on a Raging BEE buy mine. I will make you a great deal. J.Michael

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