Tikka T3 Lite Stainless 270 win Tikka T3 Product Review Details

Review Date: Mar 11, 2007

Product Information

Manufacturer: Tikka

Model: T3 Lite Stainless 270 win

Product Type: Tikka T3

Purchase Price: 549.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 3 days

Testing Conditions: Clear

Temperature Range: 50

Testing Terrain: Flat

Testing State: PA

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Joe

Recommended: YES

Purchased the Tikka T3 Lite Stainless in 270 win after many years with a Rem BDL in the same and there is just no comparison between the two. The Tikka will out shoot the Rem. and is by far a more refined firearm, better trigger, better barrel, better stock, lighter, etc.. The Tikka will shoot 3/4" and under groups with factory stuff all day. Should be fun to see what some home grown loads will do. For the money I don't think you can beat the Tikka with anything currently out there, you may be able to match it but you'll have to pay for it. I think Tikka is under selling the rifles true value to gain market share in the US and a year or two down the road the price will climb.

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