Taurus Raging Bull .44 Mag Revolver Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 4, 2006

Product Information

Manufacturer: Taurus

Model: Raging Bull .44 Mag

Product Type: Revolver

Purchase Price: $550-$600

Testing Information

Time Tested: 5-6 Hours

Testing Conditions: Clear Slightly Windy

Temperature Range: 50-55

Testing Terrain: Flat

Testing State: Texas

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jason Janacek

Recommended: Yes

Ordered this revolver from Shooters Supply in Sherman Texas. Upon opening the box I was floored by the sheer size of this revolver. It's beauty is undeniable. Stainless and weighs in at 53 ounces. I bought four different brands of ammo in various weights. Some .44 Special too. I started with the .44 special loads. Lead 220gr. Winchesters. Wow. Felt like I was shooting week .38 Special ammo out of a heavy .357. Accuracy was outstanding from the git go. A couple of quick turns on the fully adjustable rear sight and I was putting all six rounds in a hole the size of a quarter at 15 yards. Then I moved up to the 240gr. Winchester Silver Tip HP. Same thing. Not much difference in recoil. Then up to the Speer Gold Dot 270gr. SP. Damn. That's all I can say. Then I moved up even heavier with the 300gr. HardCast Federals. Damn! Did I already say that? The bottom line is this revolver is worth every penny and more. I always wanted a heavy frame revolver for hunting and I found it. Fit and finish were very tight. The barrel is not a full 6 1/2 inches because the ports on the top by the front blade take a little rifling away. Its more like a little over five inches I guess. This is a large piece. If a game animal knew what it was seeing it would die just from the sight of this revolver. I highly recommend this gun. A delight to shoot. A truly "fast" revolver.

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