Bushnell elite 4200 scope Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 26, 2006

Product Information

Manufacturer: Bushnell

Model: elite 4200

Product Type: scope

Purchase Price: 400-500$ canadian

Testing Information

Time Tested: 30 days

Testing Conditions: snow rain sun everything you can think of

Temperature Range: -20 +20

Testing Terrain: dense bush, swamps

Testing State: Northern Canada

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: James

Recommended: Yes!

This scope is the best scope I have ever owned. The image is crisp even in the rain or snow. It handles recoil no problem. This scope is on a 300 win mag and shoots groups of 2 inches at 200 yards.(not the best but good enough for me) I have taken moose at 500 + yards even though the zoom is only 3-9. The moose has such a big kill shot zone that's its hard to miss if your a good shooter. I would recommend this scope to beginners and professionals alike. Again, the crisp image is unbelievable.

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