Verona V405S 12 12 Ga SemiAuto Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 4, 2006

Product Information

Manufacturer: Verona

Model: V405S 12

Product Type: 12 Ga SemiAuto

Purchase Price: $275-$350

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1,500 shells, all Sizes/shot

Testing Conditions: rain, high wind, and sometimes calm

Temperature Range: 70-105

Testing Terrain: Hills,Mountains,Flat

Testing State: Virginia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Kyle Kelly

Recommended: YES YES YES!!

This gun is fairly cheap (Extremely cheap for an autoloader, but i went out on a limb and bought it......w/ full choke it patterns just as good (maybe even better) than my Remington 870, reload is quick and smooth, out of 1500 shots, even through a hot barrel, this gun never missed a lick, never jammed, never misfired even when wet, the recoil is slightly more than the 870 but this gun is well worth it. i shot everything from 2 3/4 #9 to 3" (its limit) 000 buckshot, and #4 hevi-shot and this gun just does it all as smooth and as accurate as any gun ive ever had, it is DEFINETELY worth the 275-350 you will spend (depending on store), and then some (but don't tell the stores that lol )

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