Steyr Mannlicher Bolt Action Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 2, 2006

Product Information

Manufacturer: Steyr

Model: Mannlicher

Product Type: Bolt Action Rifle

Purchase Price: $1365.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 200 +

Testing Conditions: sunny to 8 to 15 mph wind

Temperature Range: 38 to 80

Testing Terrain: mostly flat /rolling

Testing State: South Carolina - Piedmont

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jeff McCallister

Recommended: yes

This is an awesome weapon , I carried a 308 in nam as a sniper friend . I use the 270 130 gr.,red tip by Winchester . this is the (bar none) most accurate rifle that I have ever squeezed a round off in . It has a very crisp 2.7 lb pull ,very smooth bolt action . Mounted with a Nikon 3x5x50 fog proof it is really really drop dead accurate .Hunting I took my 46th deer this past fall with zero missed shots. Steyr also has a less costly mountain style in 270 thru 300 mag (around 700.00 and change ) and the guy's in the club are always bragging on their accuracy . I chose the Mannlicher because of the balancing and the walnut stock she"s a beauty ..

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