Marlin 444 Marlin Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 3, 2006

Product Information

Manufacturer: Marlin

Model: 444 Marlin

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: $350

Testing Information

Time Tested: 100+

Testing Conditions: mixed

Temperature Range: mixed

Testing Terrain: Mixed

Testing State: Oregon

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jon Lucas

Recommended: Great big game rifle- yes!

I have shot a gopher with cast bullets, deer, and elk with Hornady 265 grain bullets. The elk was taken at ~150 yards, and the 265 grain bullet broke ribs going in, and completely shattered the far side shoulder. The bullet expanded to .677", and retained 88% of it's original weight.The gopher shot was only mentioned because of the remarkably short time available to raise the rifle, line it up, and pull the trigger, which brings up one of the important features often left out in these discussions, and that is the way the rifle handles, and this .444 Marlin is one of the very best.

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