Grim Reaper Razortip Mechanical Broadhead Product Review Details

Review Date: Sep 27, 2005

Product Information

Manufacturer: Grim Reaper

Model: Razortip

Product Type: Mechanical Broadhead

Purchase Price: $33.00/3

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1/2 season plus 1 month

Testing Conditions: rain, snow, sunny

Temperature Range: 40-95

Testing Terrain: all

Testing State: California

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Donald

Recommended: No

I began using these heads after they were recommended by my local bow shop. I liked the fact that these broadheads do not utilize any o-rings or bands to keep them closed. However, after last season I put them in my broadhead box, and they got a little rusty. This caused the blades to not open and close smooth and easily. A good cleaning and some penetrating oil solved the problem. 40 minutes into this season, I shot a buck. The broadhead glanced off the shoulder/leg bone, and fell apart! when we found the arrow, the tip was halfway unscrewed from the ferrule, and the ferrule was half unscrewed from my carbon shaft. The 3 razors in the tip were completely missing, and the ferrule was mangled when one of the main blades was torn off. The worst part, however, was that there was NO BLOOD TRAIL!!! It took us 4 hours to find the deer. Only then did we find a spot of blood about 6 inches in diameter where the buck had stood just before it rolled over and died. I am also not excited by the sharpness of the blades. Overall, I like the concept, but I will probably go to a solidly built fixed head that will fly like a field point. I have seen other reviews where folks shot these broadheads into treated 2x8 boards with no damage, but that doesn't always reflect real life.

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