Browning BAR mark II SemiAuto Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 27, 2005

Product Information

Manufacturer: Browning

Model: BAR mark II

Product Type: SemiAuto Rifle

Purchase Price: 1299.99

Testing Information

Time Tested: 2 years (deer, moose)

Testing Conditions: extreme cold, and snow

Temperature Range: 20 to -20

Testing Terrain: swamps, hardwoods, prairies

Testing State: Manitoba Canada

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: MATT Hanchuck

Recommended: yes and no

First of all, this gun can shoot like no other semi I've ever used in my life (for a large center fire weapon). At 400 yards I dropped a Moose in a hay marsh that ran only 50 yards after the 154 grain bullet exited his chest. On the other hand however this thing weights a ton. Absolutely the heaviest gun I've ever had to carry in my life. If you plan on hunting farm fields, prairies, clearcuts, powerlines...or simply from a stand...then by all means this gun will fit the bill. Just remember if you plan on doing any dogging at all, or even simply still hunting through the hardwoods...spend some time in the gym before hunting season. Either that or stick with the Mountain Rifle DM by Remington in the 700 model...7mm-08 or the 260...which are both adequate for harvesting any whitetail in North America...I wouldn't recommend either for moose thought...even thought some guys do swear by the 7mm-08.

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