Tikka T3 lite stainless Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 16, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Tikka

Model: T3 lite stainless

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: 690.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: one year

Testing Conditions: all weather

Temperature Range: -30 to +30 Celsius

Testing Terrain: parkland and flatland

Testing State: Alberta

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Mike Chapman

Recommended: very much so

The T3 is comfortable to carry. Has very accommodating ergonomics. The trigger pull is tight and clean. The accuracy has been outstanding for a light rifle. Drop clip convenience, top tang safety. Low maintenance finish. Have been obtaining one ragged hole groups with handloads, and it is most forgiving with all factory loads I have put through it. The only negative I have to say, is that it could be improved with a three, instead of two, position safety, and I would prefer a somewhat "softer" finish on the stock. My conclusion is that you can't buy a better rifle for the price. My "damn near perfect" coyote rifle is in 22-250 and "DEADLY EFFECIENT"

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