Winchester Model 70 super shadow Bolt Action Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 9, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Winchester

Model: Model 70 super shadow

Product Type: Bolt Action Rifle

Purchase Price: 380

Testing Information

Time Tested: 10

Testing Conditions: rainy

Temperature Range: 55 degrees

Testing Terrain: flat

Testing State: arkansas

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Jason Somers

Recommended: yes

I'm a college kid and don't have thousands of dollars on expensive guns. i went to buy a savage and seen a deal on the Winchester so i thought i would try it. all I have to say is that the 270 WSM is the best all around rifle cartridge made. The trigger is heavy (8 pounds) but it is easily adjusted (mine is now about 2) kind of a cheap stock but overall performance is good. The best part is the recoil pad, best on the market, factory or after market. Everyone told me that the bullet would tear my arm off, my uncle has a browning in 270 and it kicks like a mule, but i could barely feel anything. He loved it and said he has to have one. Came with a decent scope too. Shoots rings around a Remington 710

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