Colt Colt Light Rifle Colt Light Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Aug 3, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Colt

Model: Colt Light Rifle

Product Type: Colt Light Rifle

Purchase Price: $400.00-$500.00

Testing Information

Time Tested: 2 wks

Testing Conditions: rain, clear, windy

Temperature Range: 35-60 degrees

Testing Terrain: all

Testing State: Alaska& Wyoming

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Randy Van Sickle

Recommended: Yes

For the price of about $400.00 you get a light weight good shooting firearm that maybe come collectable. I paid $500.00 in June of 2003 for a 300 win mag. I had it rebarreled to a 264 win. Took it sheep hunting and deer hunting. I liked it so much i bought another one in July of 2004 for $382.00. It is also a 300 win mag and i am leaving it as such.

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