Tikka T3 Lite (.223) Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Jan 5, 2004

Product Information

Manufacturer: Tikka

Model: T3 Lite (.223)

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: Roughly $700

Testing Information

Time Tested: Five days

Testing Conditions: Four clear, one raining.

Temperature Range: 30F - 70F

Testing Terrain: Slight incline slope

Testing State: Wisconsin

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Rob Farrell

Recommended: Definatly

This coming summer I have made plans with a couple of buddies to go prairie dog huntin' in South Dakota. My grandfather (being such a great guy) decided to buy me a varmint rifle. He got me a Tikka T3 Lite .223 (5.56mm). I drove to his house at mach 6 when it arrived, but I was disappointed that the scope had not come yet and the gun does not have iron sights on it, but I fired a round into the dirt anyway. As soon as the scope came, I sighted it in for 200 yards. For the next four days I took it to my uncles farm and fired at filled water bottles 200 yards away. The third day, firing from the prone position with a 9x scope, I aimed for a cap on one of the bottles. I had a friend of mine firing his 30-06 with a much more powerful scope (20x) and told me that I had hit the cap of a bottle and asked me if I had aimed for it. I was surprised myself, but I know the reticule was centered on that cap when I squeezed off that round. I am very satisfied with this rifle and would recommend it to anybody who understands round trajectory and ballistics. It is a very straight, flat shooter, and I have had no problems with it. The bolt release is very conveniently located making it very easy to clean and it comes in quite a few calibers.

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