browning ambush compound bow Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 8, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: browning

Model: ambush

Product Type: compound bow

Purchase Price: 200-300

Testing Information

Time Tested: 1 year

Testing Conditions: all

Temperature Range: 0-100

Testing Terrain: all

Testing State: virginia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Cory Harrison

Recommended: yes

i recieved this bow for christmas in 2002. i looked on the internet and found outit only cost 200 buks, and i was gonna send it back beacause i thought it a low quality, but i said ill give it a try. and i found out this is the nicest bow in the world. i have never had a problem with it. i perfer it over my mathews legacy. it is flat shooting, and accurate. i have a 8 arrow 2 peice pse quiver on it, a deluxe wisker biskit, and a site that moves up and down, and 3 different times, i have shot one arrow rite into the back of the other, and they were carbon arrows.

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