Charles Daly MaxiMag 12 Ga Shotgun Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 8, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Charles Daly

Model: MaxiMag

Product Type: 12 Ga Shotgun

Purchase Price: $249

Testing Information

Time Tested: 5 field trips

Testing Conditions: light rain to clear

Temperature Range: 40F - 68F

Testing Terrain: River

Testing State: New Mexico

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Dave Haney

Recommended: NEVER!

This gun....ARGH! Went hunting 5 times. Got ZERO birds. First flight of the year 2002 came right into the decoys. This gun MIS-FIRED out of the box! I LOST all confidence in this gun! I was more worried I was going to get a click instead of a boom! Started calling customer service in late Oct. I got hold of thier answering machine 5 times over 4 weeks. Finally I called the sales line got a person right away (Imagine that!). I asked to speak to the Company President. He was on vacation. Finally after 6 weeks of this phone business they finally sent me a box to return it.I sent it to them the day after i got the box on 12 Dec 02. 14 weeks later they sent it back saying that the firing pin was to short!?

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