Remington Sendero SSF 7mm UM Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Oct 1, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Remington

Model: Sendero SSF 7mm UM

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: 799

Testing Information

Time Tested: 40

Testing Conditions: Rain, snow, sun

Temperature Range: 5-75

Testing Terrain: All

Testing State: Pennsylvania

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Andy

Recommended: Yes

Have the 7mm Ultra Mag long action. Had a hair trigger out of the box (would fire when you thought about it). Had it adjusted to 3 lbs. Took some getting used to the kick as I had been used to my 25-06. Didn't like the gruops I was getting from Remington's 140 grain factory loads so started reloading after I had several boxes of cases. Now using Nosler 140 grain ballistic tips, Alliant RL25 93.0 grains, Federal 215M match primers. Groups are less than half inch @ 100 and around 1.5 @ 200. Play with the loads and you'll never let this gun out of your sight! Also, had to top it with a Redfield Illuminator 6-20x50 as the BSA Catseye 6-24x50 I tried to get away with could not handle the shock. Spend a couple bucks on the optics! This gun will make you the meanest SOB at the range.

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