Steyr Pro Hunter Rilfe and Mountain Rifle Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Apr 5, 2003

Product Information

Manufacturer: Steyr

Model: Pro Hunter Rilfe and Mountain Rifle

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: MSRP about $700

Testing Information

Time Tested: 300+/-

Testing Conditions: Various

Temperature Range: 10F +/- to 95F +/-

Testing Terrain: Woodland, rolling hills and op

Testing State: Ala., Ark.

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Fred Waites

Recommended: Yes

The Pro Hunter is a bit pricey for a factory grade rifle, but IMHO worth every penny. I have seen the Pro Hunter as much as $200 below MSRP. I bought two at about that price. One is a rifle length in 30.06 Spr. The other is a "Mountian" in 308 Win. Both are drop dead accurate,.The SBS system is a neat, simple safety concept. The trigger on each came from the factory in a crisp 3.5# range. At first the stock seemed a bit weird to me but there was definitely a lot of thought put into the ergonomics. The length of pull is easily adjusted. The built in sling swivels will make a rather loud "pop" when they slap against the stock. I solved that with mole skin. I do not hesitate to recommend this rifle.

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