Taurus Raging Bull Revolver Product Review Details

Review Date: Dec 15, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Taurus

Model: Raging Bull

Product Type: Revolver

Purchase Price: 800$

Testing Information

Time Tested: 3 days

Testing Conditions: snow

Temperature Range: 30-35

Testing Terrain: rolling hills

Testing State: pa

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: JS

Recommended: YES!!!

The Taurus Raging Bull, is a big revolver, mine is chambered in .454 casull. also available in .480 ruger, 44magnum, 30 carbine, 41 mag, 218 bee and 22 hornet (maybe others?)Mine is in the blued finish and has a 6 in barrel, I love this revolver, very acurate and reliable, i put about 300 rounds through mine, winchester 260gr 300gr, and win 454 medium 250gr, no malfunctions, very acurate, alouth i did have a problem in fireing a box of winchester super x 45 long colt ammo, the gun would bind, the cylinder wouldn't rotate after 4 shots, always had to unlatch the cylender and close it again for the 5th shot, thats with 45 long ammo in my gun, i dont realy know what the problem was, but after a box of the 45 longs i fired 2 boxes of winchester .454 casull without a problem, all in all though the Taurus Raging bull is a great gun,in .454 casull it's very powerfull and acurate and dependable, the factory porting does a great job of reducing felt recoil, very nice! worth the mony? YES it is! My oppinion, Great gun!

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